UAH Denied; Wellman Chat Friday

So here we go, day two of the blog.  Not too much hitting the news for UMass right now but this week did see a tremor go through the college hockey landscape.  Alabama-Huntsville seems to be the only team without a chair when the music stops.  They were denied admission to the CCHA and will be without a conference when the CHA folds after this coming season.  Jim Connelly at USCHO wrote a good piece on the situation.  I agree with most of his points.  When UNO left the conference to join Bemidji State in the WCHA it seemed to setup things well to have UAH slide in and take their place.  Is it ideal?  No.  The Charger program isn’t a completely logical fit in the upper Midwest based conference (plus Alaska), but due to the uniqueness of their program they’re not going to be a perfect fit anywhere.  The fact is the Charger program has established itself as a solid one, has had some success (though hit tough times recently) and even outdraws some of the teams at the bottom of the CCHA.  The right thing to do would be the CCHA to take in UAH as there is enough benefit to themselves and especially college hockey in general.  For reasons they’re not revealing, they chose not to.  I’m not sure what the future holds for the Chargers, but the odds of making it as an independent are stacked against them.  I think we’d all like to see college hockey expand, not contract.  Well those of us outside of the CCHA officials that is.

On the UMass front, Casey Wellman will be doing an online chat on the UMass Athletics site on Friday at 10:45am.  Hopefully there will be some interesting questions about his time at Nashville’s prospect camp and how he feels coming off a stellar freshman season.

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