BU-BC at Fenway; Holland With the Cup

The worst kept secret will be revealed next Thursday with a press conference at Fenway Park  when they announce a BU-BC matchup on January 8th.  The game will be a double-header as a UNH-Northeastern women’s match will kick off the event.  I’m going to guess many attendees will still be in the Cask or Beer Works while the first game is played.

A number of UMass fans are upset that our team will not get the chance to be in the game.  Honestly, I’m not sure why.  First, you knew the game would be BU-BC.  Why wouldn’t it?  It’s the most logical match up.  Second, if there was a men’s game as the second part of the doubleheader, then you start to have an issue.  But Hockey East would rather have the women play for some odd reason.  Lastly, while I think that if given the chance to play at Fenway UMass would actually bring a lot of fans, they haven’t exactly come through and proven such to the powers that be.  One example, last year’s Icebreaker held at Agganis.  It was a great opportunity for the program to be involved in such a high profile tournament against elite competition.  Yet the number of UMass fans there probably numbered around a couple hundred.  It’s too bad, they missed a great win over North Dakota.

One bit of UMass news, I caught this little blurb about Tiger Holland and his kids spending time with the Stanley Cup.  It mentions the boys promise to bring the cup back to their hometown when they win one themselves.  Sounds like it may be time to add them to the recruiting list.