Quick at Camp

Well some news is starting to roll in from the Olympic Orientation Camp in Chicago where Jon Quick finds himself this week.  The best article I’ve seen about Team USA’s goaltending situation oddly enough comes from the Canadian Press with some compliments regarding Quick’s play from Ryan Miller and Dustin Brown.  They might want to switch up roommate assignments if the goaltending trio make it to Vancouver however so Tim Thomas can get enough sleep.

Quick is rooming with Thomas at the team hotel, no doubt a good mentoring experience.

“I’ve been on his end of the spectrum at world championships when I was younger,” said Thomas. “Garth Snow was my roommate once, and Pat Jablonski.

“I’ve never been on this end (as a favourite) really. Goalies in the NHL don’t have roommates. Even at the world championships sometimes we don’t have roommates, so this has been unique.”

Then he added with a laugh: “It’s been nice though. If he could just quit yelling in his sleep, we’d be fine.”

 Coach Ron Wilson is saying that Islanders owner goaltender Rick DiPietro is still under consideration for a roster spot for Vancouver, so it’ll be important for Quick to not only have a good showing at camp but next season with the Kings as well.  Not an easy task considering the Kings are still rebuilding and have a number of goaltenders in the pipeline that could be competing for the starting job, most notably Justin Bernier.   It should be noted that all three, four if you count DiPietro, goaltenders at camp spent time in the NCAA. 


Yesterday was media day for UMass football.  Doesn’t sound like we have a starting QB yet, but I’m sure the UMass Football Blog will have lots of media day news and links.  Ah, I can almost smell the bratwurst cooking on the grill in E Lot.