UMass Hockey to be Broadcast in Eastern Mass

Who said these were the dog days of summer with nothing to talk about?  And it’s good news for people in the eastern part of the state, well at least those right around Boston or Lowell.  Up to 15 hockey games will be broadcast on 890AM in Boston and 1400AM in Lowell.  Those stations will also be carrying most, if not all, of the basketball and football broadcasts as well.  The only drawback is that at night it is really tough to get 890AM in unless you’re within sight of the Prudential Building and even then it’s iffy.  I’m not sure what kind of coverage 1400AM gets.   Still, it’s an improvement.  Here’s the press release from UMass Athletics.

The Dog Days of Summer

Not surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of news out there with what it being August and all.  However, though it’s in the mid-90s here in the commonwealth, it is hockey season in Canada.  Eric Filiou’s Penticton Vees (BCHL) and Joel Hanley’s Newmarket Hurricanes (OPJHL) will play their first games of the season by the month’s end, so hopefully FTT will be able to provide some recruiting updates in the upcoming weeks.  Incidentally, Penticton also features mammoth defenseman Luke Curadi who committed to UMass earlier this year only to decommit a short time later.  He has yet to pick up a scholarship anywhere else, so FTT will keep an eye out for him as well.  There’s also a fall prep league starting up next month that Conor Sheary is supposed to play in.  It doesn’t appear that Mike Pereira will be participating however.

Jon Quick makes a save on Joe Pavelski. (photo by Ross Dettman)

In the meantime I’ve been trying to enhance the format of the blog.  The newest addition is an RSS feed of the top stories from UMass Athletics on the right panel.  I have a couple of other things I’m working on as well.  If anyone has any suggestions to make this place better or easier to read (other than insisting I go back to skool and lern to rite more good), feel free to let me know.  So far I’ve been happy with the viewership and feedback considering it’s the middle of Summer and there’s absolutely nothing going on.

Olympic camp broke yesterday for Jon Quick.  I’ll pass along any post-camp interviews or news about his time there.

Keep your eyes peeled to ESPN for the newest This Is Sportscenter commercial featuring our very own Sam the Minuteman.  You may remember Sam appeared in a previous commercial with Andy Roddick back in 2004.