Maine Recap; Fenton Overseas

Bunyon hockey.  It mystifies me how this guy is allowed to officiate Hockey East games since when he’s not missing calls right in front of him he’s completely losing control of games resulting in the mess that we saw last night.  The sad thing is it wasn’t even one of his worst nights, that honor goes to a game a few years back in Orono where there was a combined 13 guys in the penalty box at one point.  Regardless it was good to see the Minutemen get the win and improve to 3-0-0 on the season as they’ve now taken eight straight from the Black Bears in Amherst.

Maine just could not handle the Marcous as James had a goal and three assists and helped set up his brother for his first collegiate goal on an impressive play where James was able to hold the puck in the slot for what seemed like forever before finally dishing it to a streaking Mike who put it home.  Mike also continued his solid play on defense last night and has certainly earned his spot as a regular defenseman.  I thought David Boehm and Kevin “Holyoke” Czepiel both played well in their debuts with Boehm picking up an assist on a Martin Nolet goal.  Czepiel has  good vision and it was easy to see how he led the EJHL in assists last season.  Matt Irwin could not extend his goal scoring streak but was able to contribute a couple of assists to the effort.  Rocco Carzo did not play the third with an upper body injury however I’m not sure how serious it is or if it will keep him out next week.

Obviously this game will be remembered for the Nolet hit on Maine freshman Adam Shemansky and the ugliness that followed.  I’ll be honest and say that I did not see the hit itself (I was watching to see if the Minuteman in the box would be coming off the ice or not) but those around me said it was probably deserving of a penalty.  Toot says as much in today’s Gazette.  The word on Shemansky is that he was stable and was moving his arms and legs but had some neck pain.  Hopefully it won’t be anything too serious and he’ll be able to get back on the ice soon.  There’s nothing worse in sports than seeing a player leave the ice/field on a stretcher.

What amazed me most though was with 12 minutes left in the game and Maine playing well and only down by a couple goals their team decided to give up on trying to get the tie or win and decided to get revenge on Nolet and the Minutemen for what they thought was a dirty hit instead.  Wouldn’t the best way to stand up for Shemansky be to come back and win?  Well, not according to Joey Diamond who decided to hit Nolet after the whistle and essentially ended the game for Maine right there and then.  He should’ve taken a clue from Nolet who as they both stood in the penalty box after the scuffle pointed to the scoreboard to remind Diamond what he should’ve been focused on, the fact that his team was losing.  What followed was pure and complete ugliness as Maine players continued to go after the Minutemen after the whistle, even with Nolet firmly planted in the box for the rest of the game, and the UMass players trying to stand up for themselves.  All the while Bunyon and Fyrer sent people off without ever really trying to reestablish control.  There are very few games, especially with UMass leading, that I can’t wait to end.  Last night’s was one of them.

Fear The Triangle Player of the Game – James Marcou
A goal and three assists last night now puts Marcou tied for 4th nationally in points, but I bet he’s happier about setting up his brother’s first UMass goal.


Here’s the recap from the Gazette where Toot discusses the Nolet penalty and Matt talks to Jim Marcou, James and Mike’s father about their night.

I’m very disappointed to see the Republican didn’t even send a reporter to  he Mullins.  Who do they think they are?  The Herald or Globe?  I’m not even bothering with their “staff reports” recap.

Here’s a lengthy recap from USCHO.


Last week I expressed surprise at how far Vermont had risen in the polls despite the fact that they had a loss, well they were taken back down to earth last night by Merrimack who beat them 5-2 at Lawler.  UNH beat Northeastern in the only other Hockey East game while Lowell came from behind with three third period goals to beat Colgate 5-3.  Boston College and Notre Dame played their usual matchup before their football teams meet today with BC taking the game 3-2.  Providence exploded for eight goals over Bowling Green.  Wow.

Denver looks like the real deal as they beat Minnesota and now have two shutouts in three games.


The Republican has a feature on P.J. Fenton now playing overseas in Germany.