PC Notes; The College Choice; Lowell To Annex The Tsongas; The Pond Club

Not too much in terms of UMass related news out there, though the hockey office is hard at work this week and already has the game notes up for this weekend’s series with Providence.


I stumbled across this piece in the Buffalo News advocating that young players who can should choose to go the college route over major junior.  Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff agrees and wishes he had that option growing up.


The guys over at Ice Is Life detail a deal whereas Lowell will be taking over ownership of the Tsongas and making some significant upgrades to the facility.  Hell, I thought they couldn’t possibly make any further improvements beyond serving beer but the changes listed sound like good ones.  At the very least it’ll be good to see the school, as they put up half the funding for construction, get priority over the tenant Devils.


Soapbox time!  If you’re reading this blog then you’re likely to be a pretty loyal UMass fan.  If so, you really should consider joining the Pond Club.  The Pond Club is the official non-profit booster organization for UMass hockey.  Not only are you able to enjoy some of the benefits that come with Pond Club membership, such as access to the Massachusetts Room in between periods, but you’re helping to contribute to the success of UMass hockey.  Past projects that the Pond Club has helped fund is the refurbishment of the locker room and helping the team purchase video equipment.  The Pond Club is also a good place to connect with others who share the same passion and love for UMass and the sport of hockey as a whole.  You can find the Pond Club’s official website here, but the membership levels have changed from what you see on there.  They now have three membership tiers; Crease, Faceoff, and Power Play.  A Crease Membership will get you access to the Massachusetts Room and email reports from Coach Cahoon (hmm, seems someone is trying to compete with FTT).  The Faceoff Membership will get you same as the Crease plus a membership gift, ticket to the end of season banquet, and a priority opportunity to purchase postseason tickets.  The Power Play Membership gets you all that plus select pre-game receptions, and an invitation to a reception at Coach Cahoon’s house.  A Pond Club membership is a must for UMass hockey fans. 

Click here for the Pond Club information and membership form.

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