Who’s Your Puck Daddy?

Just a few quick notes this afternoon.

The Puck Daddy blog over on Yahoo has long been a good source of information and a few laughs for all things NHL.  Well this season they’ve added a college hockey contributor to give exposure to hockey at this level and help introduce the game to those diehard pro fans.  Weekly he’ll explore some of the unique aspects to the college game like last week’s blog about the traditions you’ll only see in the NCAA.  He’ll also does a Q&A every week with a college hockey blogger from around the country.  This week Fear The Triangle was lucky enough to be  featured in the latest Puck Daddy blog.  Be sure to check it out.  You can see me set a new record by using the word “certainly” for what seems like five sentences in a row.  That certainly doesn’t speak well for my copy editing skills. 

He also discusses some of the issues with swearing at college games which I really wish would be addressed at UMass.  As a fan and alum it’s gotten to the point where it is flat out embarrassing.  It is possible to be loud, raucous, and have class all at the same time.  I think the UMass students are capable of finding a way to do so.


Wait, what’s that?  Could it be?  No way!  Yes, it is!  Not only did the Boston Globe wise up to the fact that Massachusetts extends beyond 495, but they realized there’s a hockey team out that way that’s doing pretty well so far this season.


Lastly, just a quick Mike Pereira update which is that I basically know nothing.  USHR posted a Gunnery roster on their site that doesn’t have him on it despite the fact that they said he was likely transferring there.  Could he be heading to Nebraska to play in the USHL?  Did he decide to stay at South Kent (which does not have a roster posted yet)?  No idea.  When I know, you’ll know.

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