Polls; Recruits Sign NLIs

Well the rankings are out and  would you look at that,  two spots in this week’s USCHO top ten are held by public universities from the great commonwealth of Massachusetts while nary a private insitution from the state cracked the ten best.  How do you like them apples?

And UMass sits at #10 in the INCH Power Rankings as well.


The five outstanding national letters of intent have come in as expected for Mike Pereira, Kevin Boyle, Conor Sheary, Joel Hanley, and John Parker.

Interestingly, it lists Mike Pereira’s current team as South Kent still, but I’m fairly certain he was not with the team yesterday at the prep tournament in New Haven.


This is probably my only chance to blog today so I wanted to get the poll and recruit information out while I could.  The USA Today poll and Hockey East awards will be included in my usual Tuesday morning post.