Merrimack On Tap

The Daily Collegian has a lot of hockey coverage this morning.  First off they have a preview of Saturday’s Merrimack game.  Toot addresses the expectation from a lot of fans of a collapse at the end of the story:

“Everybody out there is waiting for us to fall on our face. I’ve heard it over and over again, and the kids have heard it over and over again, but I don’t think we feel that way at all,” Cahoon said. “We think we can play through this and have the maturity to deal with it and cope with it.”

This columnist says don’t worry about it, the Minutemen will be just fine.

Finally, since the paper will be shutting down soon for finals and winter break, they take a look at the schedule through the end of January.


The UMass game notes are up for this weekend’s game.


That’s all there is for today.  I had hoped to spend some time doing some more recruiting research last night, particularly on our latest commitments.  However I ended up building a game by game statistical data base that will allow me to post about some trends and offer some thoughts on the Minutemen’s fortunes recently.  Look for that tomorrow.

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