Grading The Forwards; Hobey Watch

James Marcou and Casey Wellman (photo by Karen Winger)

David Boehm
 Grade: B-
Overall I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Boehm who’s coming off a broken leg that forced him to miss nearly all of last season.  He’s yet another Minuteman forward with lightning speed and also has a pretty good shot.  He has a couple goals so far, including a game winner, and a +3 rating.  I’m very interested to see how he continues to develop. 

Rocco Carzo
Grade: B
Rocco came out of the gate blazing with 2 goals and 2 assists in his first two games.  He has cooled off since then, not helped by a shoulder injury that put him out a few games.  Still he’s provided some quality minutes and has played good defense as well.  Hopefully he’ll get his confidence back and begin to shoot a little more. 

Marc Concannon
Grade: B-
Concannon has seen time in nearly every game thus far and is being used quite regularly as a key defensive forward.  Results have been mixed to date with a -3 rating. 

Kevin Czepiel
Grade: C+
Czepiel has shown flashes of some excellent playmaking abilities, but as of yet it hasn’t translated into any points.  Hopefully he’ll continue to get playing time as the season goes on to develop as it appears he has some of the best hands on the team. 

Danny Hobbs
Grade: B+
Hobbs has been one of the most improved players on the team from last year.  His 2 goals and 5 assists put him 10th on the team in points after finishing with only 2 points all last season.  He has also played well defensively though hopefully he’ll use his size more as the season goes on. 

Brian Keane
Grade: C+
Keane has played some solid defense to date but it was hoped that his overall play would develop more from last season. 

Chase Langeraap
Grade: C-
It was hoped Langeraap would build upon his 17 point season last year but he got off to a slow start and then was injured for a few games and comes into the break with zero goals.  I’m not sure if the injury is still lingering but UMass could be even that much more dangerous offensively if he can get things going. 

Ryan Leary
Grade: Inc
I’m shocked that he hasn’t been able to see the ice yet.  Granted it’s a lot to ask a player to jump from DIII but he was one of the more skilled players at that level.  I expected big things from him. 

Michael Lecomte
Grade: B
Lecomte has been able to provide some quality two-way play for the team.  His absence was definitely noticed in the month of October when he went down with injury.  His point production is down a bit but he’s getting some decent shots on net every game. 

James Marcou
Grade: A+
Leads the nation in points per game. Leads the nation in assists per game.  Hobey Baker candidate.  I still remember an email exchange I had with a guy who runs a recruiting website who said that James would be an ok player in Hockey East but wouldn’t stand out.  Hilarious. 

Eddie Olczyk
Grade: C+
Olczyk has only played a handful of games but as time goes on I think he’ll become a reliable defensive forward in the mold of Brett Watson. 

Will Ortiz
Grade: A
The seasons being had by James Marcou and Casey Wellman have unfortunately overshadowed a great story being writting by Ortiz for his senior year.  His 7 goals already match his career high and his 16 points are 3rd on the team and 10th among Hockey East players for all games.  Beyond the numbers he brings a great tenasiousness to the ice combined with hard-hitting that makes you forget he’s only 5’9″. 

Shawn Saunders
Grade: B-
Saunders has played good D and brought some great speed and intensity to the games in which he’s appeared. 

T.J. Syner
Grade: B
Syner has done well, especially when put on the line with Marcou and Wellman.  He’s been doing well scoring goals, setting up his teammates, and has a great forecheck. 

Brett Watson
Grade: A-
The Minuteman captain may be one of the more underrated players in the country since he rarely puts up points but is able to keep opposing stars from doing the same thing.  

Casey Wellman
Grade: A+
I don’t think many people would’ve guess that Wellman would be 6th nationally in points per game, 2nd in goals per game, 4th in power play goals, and 5th in game winning goals.  Is there a better one-two punch in all of college hockey than Wellman and Marcou? 


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