Union Recap

Well, this UMass team certainly does not know the meaning of quit as we saw yet another thrilling comeback. However, if the team would just come out and play as they’re capable to start these monumental comebacks would not be necessary.

To say UMass played badly to start would be an understatement. They flat out looked slow and disjointed. And right when they started to get a little momentum to counter Union’s early lead they started taking bad penalties. None worse than the Will Ortiz five minute major for elbowing the goaltender. But after surrendering the goal on the two man advantage UMass locked down and did a good job killing the rest.

A bad Matt Irwin turnover on the power play would make it 3-1 Union after two and UMass fans started cancelling hotel reservations. But five minutes into the third Wellman would scor and then rout after ortiz would make up for his earlier penalty with a nifty shot right off a face off. Wellman would cap things off with a garbage goal, but good teams make their own luck. Through all of this Paul Dainton played excellent and had another 30+ save game.

Next up will be Bentley. The Falcons looked good against Uconn and get good offensive pressure from the point. Based on what I saw and read Bentley may be a little underrated coming into the game. Even more of a reason for UMass to come out strong from the start.


No links tonight as this is being written on an iPhone. I’ll try to post all the recaps from the tourney after the championship game.

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