Well the weekly polls are out.  UMass drops just one spot to #16 in the latest USCHO poll.  Saturday’s opponent New Hampshire is just on the outside looking in.

The team drops out of the USA Today poll, but is third in also receiving votes.

UMass checks in at #15 on the INCH Power Rankings.

And in today’s “glass half full” segment, UMass would still make the NCAA tourney if it started today as they’re tied for 13th in the current pairwise (though could change tonight with Quinnipiac in action against Princeton).

Hockey East seems to still be on vacation so no honors to pass along.

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  1. Alan

     /  January 4, 2010

    Here we are, still just hoping that we don’t go down in flames again. I suppose hoping is all we can do at this point. If this team doesn’t care enough to play hard, I’m not going to care enough to pay money to see them not caring.


    • Why so down? We just moved up to 12th in the pairwise!

      Besides, isn’t hoping all WE can ever do anyway? I’ve already used up my college eligibilty.

      Also, I think they do care. I know some people are saying the team is quitting when they’re down (which is odd if you consider the Union, Quinny, and a host of other games) or that they’ve quit on the coach. I don’t see it. The effort for the most part has been there. They worked their asses off against Bentley putting a ton of shots on net. They just couldn’t get more than a few quality chances. The effort is ok, the execution has been horrible. They seemed completely incapable of running an offense at BU. Why? I’m not sure. But I sure as hell hope there’s a ton of Xs and Os this week in practice to see them rectify the situation.


  2. Adam

     /  January 5, 2010

    Ya I could not agree more. The effort is certainly there. I could here J. Marcou screaming on the ice after a play as well as other players responding (Ortiz).
    I think what we see as giving up or quiting is just the pure frustration that comes with poor execution. We know the skill is there. We know what Toot has done to the program so far. I think they will pull this together. As far as I can tell, with S.W.ar.M. leading the way, they have a legitimate shot at taking down UNH this weekend, and continuing on to build momentum into the second half.


  3. Ryan

     /  January 5, 2010

    UMass is 12th in pairwise at the moment, looks like Quinnipiac team aka Eric Lampe and Brandon Wong have finally fallen off the tracks and are once again your average team. Those guys are pretty much their entire game, besides Boudoin and and Clarke (although he was shaky against UMass). The next game against UNH is huge for both teams as UNH is on the outside looking in on the polls and pairwise, but can really start to distant themselves in the HE standings with a few more wins. UMass certainly can beat them, as they showed earlier this year, but need to play a solid 60 minutes of hockey, something I haven’t seen from them since perhaps the UVM game.

    If the team comes out and plays consistently, and doesn’t take dumb penalties they certainly could get right back on track. I am far from giving up on them, as I love this team as much as anybody but they certainly frustrate me at times. They need to win at Northeastern in my opinion as NU is having a down year with injuries and the loss of Theissen. Then the home and home against Lowell is also big for both teams as the Riverhawks are playing well, but are down in the pairwise, but hockey east points are always crucial and Nick Schaus has arguably been the best defenseman in the league this year. I’m just going to say a prayer on Saturday before I head up to Durham and hope for the best, and hopefully UMass can get it done!


  4. jjmc85

     /  January 5, 2010

    Will Ortiz definitely cares. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Minuteman in any sport more pissed off than him at the end of the Q-pac game. He had a similar reaction after the too many men penalty at BU.


    • Will’s heart has certainly never been called into question, especially this season. If anything sometimes he cares too much and his emotions get the best of him.


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