Saturday Recap

Two very evenly matched teams took the ice last night but in the end it was UMass that was able to break through UVM’s defense and pick up the 3-1 win.  The crowd was certainly entertained as they were treated to exciting up and down action, some great saves (two in particular by Catamount goaltender Rob Madore), and another UMass win.

Paul Dainton had another solid game, though he didn’t quite have to stand on his head as much as he did last week.  Even with the absence of Doug Kublin due to injury the defensive group had one of the best overall games of the season, led by Justin Braun’s play.  All four lines contributed last night and were able to sustain good offensive pressure on the Catamounts.  Surprisingly though the two goals came off wrist shots from both James Marcou and Casey Wellman when they skated into the zone.

Hopefully the team can pick up where they left off last night.  A win today will give them sole possession of 2nd place in Hockey East and complete the series sweep with the Catamounts.  A few hours and it’s time to do it all over again.

Fear The Triangle Player of the Game – Casey Wellman
Catamount fans will be seeing Wellman in their nightmares after he put up another big game against them, scoring two goals and adding an assist.


UVM Coach Kevin Sneddon said giving up a goals early and late in periods sunk the Catamounts in the USCHO recap.

Dick Baker has the game story for the Republican.

The Burlington Free Press states that the Catamounts have no answer for Marcou and Wellman.

Here’s the Gazette’s take.

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  1. transrapide

     /  January 24, 2010

    Hey Rocks,

    Did you read the Globe’s (lack of) mention? It’s all about poor BC being tied with UMass-“AMHERST” in second place. (They have been told for years to stop using AMHERST in talking about UMass but they still do it, idiots!) God forbid a team from the sticks of Western Mass is competitive with a team from Boston! Ha Ha!

    Also, Jack Parker as usual classlessly rips his team because they lost (to the 1st place team in HE Btw). Does that guy ever accept a loss? Gee, you can’t win every game but I guess he’s so great he thinks he can.

    Keep it going today, Minutemen!!!

    Are you going to PC next Saturday?


    • I saw the Herald hyphenated us in their recap. I already let my feelings known to the powers that be over at Herald Square. Sadly I think they sent out one of their writers to the hinterlands of WMass for today’s game and they got to see the team sleepwalk on the ice for a couple hours.

      I hope Parker will be ripping his team on Friday night too.

      Yes, I almost always make the games at the Coffin. It’s still one of the cheaper tickets in the league, UMass usually has success there, and I now have found a decent pregame spot. The Abbey. Great burgers.


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