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Well I (luckily) wasn’t at the game and was unable to follow it, so I don’t want to comment on it without having some first hand knowledge.  All I know is that despite James Marcou and the other players calling this the most important game of the season, the end result was the same as we’ve seen in the last few weeks.  Despite it being a must-win game the Minutemen still found themselves getting dominated on the scoreboard, at one point down 5-1 to the Huskies before a couple meaningless late goals led to the final score of 6-3.

It’s sad to see a team which through two thirds of the season had surpassed expectations now give back everything they accomplished in the final weeks of the season.  The team has spent most of these last few months in the top of the Hockey East standings and holding onto a potential at-large berth in the NCAA tournament.  Now the team that was originally picked to finish 7th in Hockey East could very well wind up there.  Or worse.  Last night’s loss drops UMass into a fourth place tie with BU, who owns the tie-breaker.  Good bye home ice.  What’s even worse is that 8th place Vermont is now just three points behind the Minutemen with Lowell and Northeastern even closer.

The season was once full of promise.  Now the players seem like they can’t wait for it to end.  A few more weekends like this one and they’ll may have their wish.

Fear The Triangle Player of the Game – Mike Lecomte
It’s amazing that Lecomte was able to come back from a broken foot so quickly and it seemed early that his return could be a spark for the Minutemen when he picked up an assists.  He ended up +1 on the game but got an early gate in the third for a fighting penalty which means he’ll be out for Friday’s game at Merrimack.


According to the Republican there was some questionable officiating last night.  Shocking.  Couldn’t have made too much of a difference however judging by the final score.

Toot says the team isn’t playing with any unity in the Gazette recap.

Here’s the USCHO game story.


Ron Chimelis explores why students like to attend hockey games more than basketball.  I’m glad to see students coming to hockey games, especially compared to the days when I was a student and you could practically have an entire section to yourself.  That said, I would hope that more students come out and support the hoop team as well.  In the long run basketball is still the flagship sport of the university and can lead to wider exposure for the school in general.  Though still in a transition phase, alum Derek Kellogg is putting together a talented young squad which just picked up a committment from a top high school point guard.  The future looks bright for the basketball team so I think students should check out a game if they haven’t before.  Some of my best memories as a student are from sitting in the stands screaming my head off at basketball games.  It’s sad to see the program become such an afterthought on campus.

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  1. 1. I was at the game and it was as bad as you probably think it was
    2. nice comment on the basketball team at the end. it is very true a successful basketball team will do far better things for the school than a good hockey team. i know a lot of students read this blog so I hope they read that part.


    • I think a strong basketball program will benefit the entire athletic department. And I think it’ll be very tough to get the hoops program where it needs to be with so little support from the students.


  2. Husky

     /  February 16, 2010

    As a Husky Fan I have to point out that the officiating in both UMass/NU games this weekend was terrible. I was at both games (can’t really let you know why) and saw terrible calls and terrible skating by the men in stripes. It was pathetic… but I can’t really be surprised seeing how terrible the officiating has been all year long. It’s not that they are biased (except maybe in B.U.’s favor), it’s that they are BAD. In one game this season (NU vs Maine), I saw a linesman skate off the boards to allow the puck to come through. However to accomplish this he ran into and tied up two defenders… this led to a two on zero breakaway and a goal was scored. If the ref was playing, it would have been an interference call. In one game (BU vs NU), the puck touched the same linesman’s skates thirteen times in the final two periods without the official ever trying to get out of the way.

    Also (about the whole biased for BU thing)… The head of officiating for Hockey East is Richard DiCapprio who played all four seasons of college hockey at BU with Jack Parker (when JP was playing, not couching). I personally remember playing against both of them. It’s no wonder then that major penalties against BU are almost always called as a minor penalties. In the first round of the bean-pot, D.Warsofsky layed a crosscheck on the head of W.MaClaud long after the whistle had blown AND after intentionally taking the puck offsides. In any level of hockey that is at least a double minor. If he was on any other Hockey East team it would be a five minute major and a game misconduct. However, because of his couch, Warsofsky got called with a single minor… the crosscheck.

    In the bean-pot final, Jack Parker was screeming, cursing and insulting the officials… Parker even went as far as to grab and pull an official back to his bench (right before the timeout in the third period), no penalty was assessed. If any other coach was to touch an official, we’d be talking about their suspension.

    To highlight this point, when UMass was NU over the weekend, Cahoon was given a bench minor for questioning a call.


    • Thanks for your thoughts Husky fan. If there’s one things all us Hockey East fans can agree upon it’s that officiating is sub-par more often than not and Jack Parker gets preferential treatment. We hold these truths to be self-evident.

      I wasn’t at Saturday’s game so I can’t comment specifically, but given the way the team has been playing lately and the final score I have a tough time labelling officiating as the difference in the game.


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