Reverse Raffle; Guzzo Article; NCAA Picks

Time is running out to sign up for this year’s Reverse Raffle put on by the Pond Club.  The annual event will take place Friday, April 2nd at the Top of the Campus in the Campus Center.  If you haven’t been before, I highly recommend it.  For just $110 you and a guest are treated to an evening where you can interact with other UMass fans and coaches, an open beer and wine bar, appetizers, as well as a 1 in 175 chance to win prizes or even $4,999.  Did I mention the open bar? Even if you aren’t a big winner (unlike myself who came home with a lovely personal care set last year, I know you’re jealous) the best part is the whole event is a fundraiser for your University of Massachusetts hockey team.  It’s a ton of fun and something I look forward to every year, I hope to see everyone there.

So be sure to send in your sign up form before all the lucky numbers have been taken.  Sorry suckers but I’ve already laid claim to #22, this year’s winner!


Dick Baker has an article on UMass’ newest forward recruit, Steven Guzzo.  I’m extremely glad to see the local media taking a greater interest in hockey recruiting.  Matt Vautour had a story on Jeff Teglia yesterday as well.

Also included is the news that Justin Braun has officially signed with the San Jose Sharks.  Baker mentions that he’ll be in Worcester and finishing out his semester at UMass.  From what I hear James Marcou will likely do the same, so neither of them will likely be Bay Area bound until next season.


Forging forward for Ford Field!

Here’s how I see this year’s NCAA tournament playing out:

Alabama-Huntsville      Miami

Michigan                                                                     Michigan
Bemidji State                 Michigan                            

North Dakota                                                                                                      Boston College
Yale                                North Dakota

Alaska                                                                         Boston College
Boston College              Boston College                   

Denver                                                                                                                                              Boston College
RIT                                Denver

New Hampshire                                                        Cornell
Cornell                          Cornell                                

St Cloud State                                                                                                     Wisconsin
Northern Michigan     Northern Michigan

Vermont                                                                     Wisconsin
Wisconsin                     Wisconsin                          

That’s right, BC as national champs.  They’re just playing amazingly right now and have not one but two solid goaltenders to turn to.  I almost want to pick Cornell to make it to the finals, but I can’t quite pull the trigger.  Therefore they’ll definitely make it.  Miami and DU are great teams, but it’s all how you finish and they did stumble in their conference tourneys.  Of course if Cheverie takes things over for four straight games it’s a whole different ball game…



  1. WendellWingnut

     /  March 24, 2010

    I don’t think that BC has the defense or the disipline to not take penalties to make it all the way.


    • I think their defense is fine, but young. If they’re intimidated by playing in the tourney then I agree they may be in trouble.


  2. dickie dunn

     /  March 24, 2010

    You mention BC’s “two solid goaltenders” but this is where I think the Beagles might run into trouble. Milner has been more consistent whenever he’s gotten the chance, but he’s never been on this stage. Muse obviously was there two years ago, but we all saw the 2010 Muse on display last weekend. Great against UVM, then brutal the next night (BC was lucky that Wilson was even worse).

    It will be interesting to see if York tries to ride one … and which one.

    I would put my stock in Cheverie or Scrivens over either of those two … that will be a great regional final (what, no faith in UHN in March?). But no question BC has everything else.


  3. Ryan

     /  March 24, 2010

    I got miami-wisconsin finals with the badgers taking it. My other FF teams are the Denver, mostly since Cheverie and guys like Rhakshani and Ruegsegger can win a game with offense as well and North Dakota. The Sioux are playing too well right now, and with guys like Evan Trupp and Brad Malone really heating up, I say they advance to MoTown.


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