Trovato on Today Show; Pereira at the Combine; Vitek Retires

Former Minuteman Peter Trovato was featured yesterday, Memorial Day, on NBC’s Today Show highlighting his work on the Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund, the charity he founded.  The Mass Soldiers Legacy Fund helps pay for college for the children of those who have been lost fighting overseas.  The feature also mentions he’ll be starting business school this fall at Harvard.  Good luck in grad school, Peter, and thank you for your hard work and great representation of the university.


Mike Pereira finished in the Top 10 in the following tests at the NHL Combine:

Anaerobic fitness average power – 10th
Sum of 6 skin folds – 2nd (I swear to God that’s the test)
% of body fat – 2nd
Vertical jump with no pause – 2nd

Obviously it looks like speed and athleticism will be his strengths as he’s in great shape.  I’ll keep searching to find more post-combine thoughts on Pereira.


Timmy Vitek is retiring from hockey to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a police officer.  Vitek won two SPHL championships in his minor league career.



  1. bob

     /  June 2, 2010

    Who would Pereira be a good fit with? Has anybody seen him play? Also I am told from a family advisor that he did not take part in any upper body test due to a injury. Any info?


    • Bob, check out my writeup when I saw him play in person. You can find it on the 2010 Recruit page accessed at the top of the page.

      My guess is a Syner-Carzo-Pereira line.

      Interesting about the upper body tests.


  2. Bullmoose

     /  June 3, 2010

    Sorry that this is off-topic, but did WordPress just change the location of the “Comments” link from top of the post to the bottom? If so, that’s a bummer — I like checking your blog periodically for both new posts and new comments on your posts (as comments here are pretty intelligent). Now I gotta scroll down the post to see if any new comments got posted…


  3. Adam

     /  June 3, 2010

    I am concerned. I am concerned because I discussed the team’s outlook for next year with a current player fairly recently and he said, because of the leaving skill, the team would be more of a gritty, hard working team, a far cry from last season. However, I wonder whats going to happen when this small forward squad faces a bigger team. I know they are fast, and i love to watch fast hockey, but im just a little concerned. Quell my fears please.

    By the way, thanks for keeping up the blogging. Makes my day to see a new post.


    • I’m not too worried about style of play. Last year’s squad was the most athletic/least gritty team I’ve seen in my years of watching UMass hockey. 7th place. Compared that against the NCAA team of 06-07 that combined more of a gritty team with some great goaltending.

      Ideally I think the answer is somewhere in between. One of my biggest concerns going into last year was missing guys like Crowder and Berry who not only would pound away at the other team but would help protect our small, skilled forwards. That was missing this year and I think a lot of teams took the opportunity to take shots at guys like Marcou and Syner.

      The good news is that there are some guys coming in that will add some physicality to the squad in Conor Allen and then Chris DelMauro and Shane Walsh after that. Still trying to get a read on Stephen Guzzo, but he may be able to play that part as well.

      I can’t quell your fears. I’m not sure what to expect from this team because they’ll be so inexperienced. But they’ve got some hard-working kids coming back, who I don’t think will quit mid-season, plus what’s looking to be a pretty good recruiting class. Add that to a seasoned goaltender and they could surprise.

      Glad you’re enjoying the intermittent posting. I’ll keep at it knowing there’s people out there reading.


  4. Anonymous

     /  June 3, 2010

    they were one of the smallest teams in the league last year.


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