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Just wanted to pass along this article on Peter Trovato and his Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund out of the Springfield Republican in the wake of last week’s Today Show interview.  It seems that Peter is now getting requests to branch out his charity to other states, which isn’t surprising given what a altruistic mission he has established.  The article mentions that Trovato was recruited by Army to play hockey at West Point, which I had heard before.  What I didn’t know is that his campus tour was given by fellow Massachusetts native and former Army team captain Derek Hines, who ultimately lost his life serving in Afghanistan.  I happened to be at an Army-Air Force hockey game the season after Hines was lost overseas and the program had honored their former captain by putting his initials on the ice that season.  I’ve been lucky enough to witness to some real emotional moments in college hockey over my years, but watching the Black Knights gather round the “DH” set in the ice  during that matchup is certainly something I’ll remember the rest of my life.  Hines is now the namesake for college hockey’s Unsung Hero Award.

Who knows how things would’ve ended up if Trovato had ended up on the shores of the Hudson instead of the Connecticut but either way he should be commended to the effort he’s put forth in perhaps the ultimate honor for those who have fought for the country. watching out for the children of those who have fallen.


Hockey’s Future has been doing a series of articles summarizing the 2005 NHL entry draft featuring PJ Fenton, Jon Quick, and Alex Berry.


Keep checking here for UMass hockey news.  There are a few rumblings out there that FTT cannot yet confirm, but I hope to soon.  I’m a little disappointed that more area media have not done more on recruit Mike Pereira’s time at the NHL combine and the NHL draft but if there is I’ll pass it along.  This upcoming Monday is the Pond Club Golf Tournament.  Fear The Triangle will be there, as an official sponsor (if my check cashed), I’ll do my best to pass along whatever news I can uncover.

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