Countdown To The Draft

Just a few long (being the solstice and all) days until the NHL Draft.

The Greenwich Time did a Q&A with Mike Pereira from nearby West Haven where he talks about his decision to enter UMass and some general thoughts on college hockey.

Rocco Carzo is mentioned in this Hockey Future’s piece on potential NCAA draftees.


The USHL has put out an official release to the news that broke last week regarding Adam Phillips’ committment to UMass.


UAH Head Coach Danton Cole was named the new coach of the US NTDP, allowing the Michigan native to go return to his home state.  This of course means that Assistant Coach Red Gendron will be returning to Amherst for the fall after being seriously considered for both this job at USA Hockey and the vacancy at Brown.  While it’d be great to see Coach Gendron get a head coaching gig of his own, it’ll be good to have him back in Amherst where he’s played such a key role with the program, especially when it comes to the improved recruiting.  With as highly respected he is around UMass and college hockey in general I’m sure there’ll be on the horizon for him.

That aside, I can’t imagine this is a good thing for the UAH hockey program which will be entering this season conferenceless with the CHA disbanding and the CCHA not extending an invite.  Hopefully they can weather this storm as well, although you have to wonder how much more the odds can be stacked against that program and still make it.