Keeping An Eye On Logan Roe

According to this article UMass is one of the schools courting 6’4″ defenseman Logan Roe from Ft Meyers, Florida.  Roe spent last season playing for the Kent School in the prep league and is ranked as the 140th North American skater for this weekend’s draft.  Per the article Roe has also taken visits to Northeastern, Providence, Union, Quinnipiac, and Brown.  Roe was named to the Prep League’s All-New England team this past year joining UMass recruits Mike Pereira, and Conor Sheary.

UMass has had success with recruiting players from Florida before….kinda.  Ex-Minuteman David Boehm played for the Junior Everblades as well.


Speaking of Pereira, here are a couple more stories on him on the eve of the draft.  First is a short profile thanks to ESPNBoston, Hockey Journal labels him as a clutch player in this piece on New England players in the draft, and finally a nice feature on him from the Middletown Press.



  1. Adam

     /  June 24, 2010

    First off, this flurry of posts is both surprising and endlessly pleasing to me. So thanks.
    As for Roe, I think another big defensmen could do wonders for this lineup, especially with a predominantly small forward core. I would not mind at all making up some chant having to do with caviar or air travel.

    Also, just to pass along, I recently talked with a source close to the team (don’t know if he’d want me using his name so I won’t). He said that he liked the incoming class, especially pereira who clearly leads the class. However, the general thought is that the majority of the recruits, in addition to the somewhat small returning classes, are hard working, blue collar, grind it out kind of players, the type of players I like to watch. Therefore, that will be the team mentality, again, very exciting to me. He also said that Cahoon was furious, and rightly so about the way the season ended. The word was 5 am practice 6 days a week for the majority of the spring. They might not be the flashiest team in Hockey East, but they will be up there in conditioning and preperation. Or at least thats the hope.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Yes, I’ve heard much of the same about Toot’s approach to this coming season. It seems like he’ll be following through on creating the “Navy Seal” environment he talked about in the coach’s show at the end of last season. With the team’s inexperience the mental state is going to be key if they’re going to develop into a successful team as the season goes along.

      Just to note, Roe would not get to Campus until 2011 or later.

      Glad you’re enjoying the posts. I’m happy to have something to write about.


  2. Ryan

     /  June 25, 2010

    any relation to garrett roe from st cloud state?


    • I don’t think so. Garrett Roe is from Virginia.

      No relation to Lou Roe either as far as I know.


  3. justin

     /  June 25, 2010

    Given the near unanimous agreement by the collective brilliance of the USCHO fan forum that UMass will be terrible next year, I’m glad to hear that we’re going to grind people. I’m quite content to finish 6-7 next year while boring the shit out of BC fan boys.


    • I’m not too worried what the Hockey East minds are predicting. I honestly have no idea what to expect from this team next year other than for the most part they’ll be talented and inexperienced. I think they’ll struggle and surprise. Potentially on consecutive nights.


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