Pereira Goes Undrafted

After all the profiles, previews, and predictions the NHL Draft came and went this weekend and incoming recruit Mike Pereira’s name surprisingly went uncalled.  Does this mean Pereira could potentially be a bust for the Minutemen?  I doubt it.   The NHL Draft is just that, for the NHL.  Teams are not picking what they think are the best players in the world, they’re drafting the most likely players to get to the NHL.  The best NHL-type players and best college-type players are not always one in the same.  It also doesn’t mean that the drafted players are automatically the best on the roster.  Look at last year’s roster, how do undrafted players James Marcou and Casey Wellman stack up against Rangers draftee Danny Hobbs?  Even arguably the best UMass player, Tommy Pöck, went undrafted.

So what are some of the reasons the NHL teams overlooked Pereira?  Here are a few ideas.  First off, one Fear The Triangle reader commented that Pereira may have been injured during the combine which limited the number of tests he was able to do at the event.  Secondly, and probably more importantly, the NHL drafts for stature nearly always.  Pereira’s size of 5’10” plus concerns of lack of upper body strength likely hurt him.

I’d like to say that a bright spot to him going undrafted would be that it would make it more likely we’ll see a full four years from him, but if this offseason has taught us anything it’s that you can’t count on the talented players to put in a full career no matter their draft status.  But, maybe there is a positive for UMass out of this situation.  Perhaps the NHL passing over Pereira has just put a chip on his shoulder for the next few years.  Being told he wasn’t good enough or big enough motivated Marcou into three outstanding years.  Let’s see how Pereira reacts.



  1. Adam

     /  June 29, 2010

    off topic: but i need some help on this one.
    what are the rules on making t shirts and stuff with players and or umass on them? I have way too much time over the summer and stared at the roster for about 5 minutes until i came up with “Syner’s Swarm” as a tshirt idea with 14 on the back. he is a pretty exciting player and is probably one of the more talented players left on the team. I wouldnt be looking to make any money off this, just to get them to people. first, is it legal. second, is it stupid?


    • Potential copyright and NCAA issues (amateurs name/likeness). How enforceable? Dunno.

      Swarm wouldve been good last year as that was the name for the Marcou/Syner/Wellman line.


  2. massattack

     /  June 29, 2010

    way off topic, but by my calculations, the only hockey east schedules not released at this point are UMass, UML, Merrimack and BC. I get excited over this stuff. Once the schedule is up, time to start analyzing, planning trips (etc etc). Can’t wait.


  3. massattack

     /  June 30, 2010

    Awesome! Just waiting on merrimack and bc now.


  4. Bob

     /  July 2, 2010

    Casey Wellman article from the USHL site.


    • Thanks Bob. Caught that one as well. Look for it in tonight’s post along with some other stuff.


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