Roster Thoughts – Update

Monday’s blog with my thoughts on the potential roster and lines has produced some of the best comment conversation in the short history of the blog.  Which is pretty amazing considering it’s currently 80 degrees out.  As one reader said, ” thanks for letting us all talk a little hockey on July 14 !!”.  I agree 100% and thank you to everyone reading and adding your two cents!

Of course a couple readers mentioned some rumors floating around the team that I did my best to look into.  Mike Lecomte is indeed still recovering from the injuries that caused him to miss a bunch of games last season.  He will not be healthy in time for the beginning of the season and if he is able to play at all this coming season remains to be seen.  He may miss the first few months or the coaching and training staff may decide to redshirt him altogether and have him come back for a full season in 2011-2012.  From what I’ve heard that decision has not been made yet.  To inject my own thoughts, since next season will most likely be a “bridge season”, to borrow a term from the Red Sox, I think if he’s going to miss a few months then I would just shut him down entirely.  I don’t think a partial season from Lecomte will make or break the year for the Minutemen.  Better to bring him back a year later to lead a team that will be more experienced and perhaps more poised to accomplish more.

The second thing I can confirm is that Randy Wolcott and Djan Lefebvre will not be on next year’s roster.  A reader had mentioned that Randy Wolcott had chosen to transfer, and while I don’t know that for sure, it wouldn’t surprise me.  Coming into UMass Wolcott was the Goaltender of the Year for the Atlantic Juniors.  While not the highest level of junior hockey, that is still quite an achievement and one that would likely gain him a starting job in Atlantic Hockey or some other level of collegiate hockey.  With Paul Dainton in net this year, Jeff Telgia as his heir apparent, and Kevin Boyle arriving in another season it would’ve been very tough for Wolcott to see any playing time at all at UMass.  I can’t blame him for looking elsewhere.  This will likely move Kevin Moore into the third goalie slot for the incoming season.  I’m not sure what Lefebvre’s plans are at this point but I’m guessing the coaching staff will help him as they can as they viewed him as a very intelligent player in his time here.

A FTT reader also mentioned that Conor Sheary was at student orientation recently (ah, memories on non-air conditioned, cell block-like Northeast in the hellish Summer).  I can only confirm that Sheary may or may not be at UMass this fall (how’s that for reporting?).  Perhaps it depends on the Lecomte situation and how that transpires.  If he does come to Amherst it adds a talented playmaker to the mix who will likely dress most nights.  If not, he puts up huge numbers in the New England Prep League again and comes a year later.

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