Off For A Little R&R

For the next week or so I’ll be taking my talents to the Pacific Northwest for a mid-summer vacation.  Highlights of the trip will include touring some national parks, catching the Red Sox at Safeco Field, and of course sampling as many of the fine beers produced out there as I can.  I’ll also be making the second leg of my Holy Trinity of Breweries pilgrimage with a visit to Rogue in Newport, Oregon (I previously visited Stone in California;  Dogfish Head, you’re on deck).

I’ll likely be sniffing around the net for UMass news from time to time and if anything comes up, I’ll do my best to pass it along.  But don’t expect anything too detailed as the iPhone keyboard isn’t really conducive to such things.  Once again this is a great time to follow Fear The Triangle on Twitter and Facebook so you’re sure not to miss out on anything.