Off For A Little R&R

For the next week or so I’ll be taking my talents to the Pacific Northwest for a mid-summer vacation.  Highlights of the trip will include touring some national parks, catching the Red Sox at Safeco Field, and of course sampling as many of the fine beers produced out there as I can.  I’ll also be making the second leg of my Holy Trinity of Breweries pilgrimage with a visit to Rogue in Newport, Oregon (I previously visited Stone in California;  Dogfish Head, you’re on deck).

I’ll likely be sniffing around the net for UMass news from time to time and if anything comes up, I’ll do my best to pass it along.  But don’t expect anything too detailed as the iPhone keyboard isn’t really conducive to such things.  Once again this is a great time to follow Fear The Triangle on Twitter and Facebook so you’re sure not to miss out on anything.



  1. justin

     /  July 16, 2010

    Enjoy yourself!


  2. Nice use of the “taking my talents to,” my favorite sports phrase of 2010. Enjoy Seattle!


  3. Mike

     /  July 18, 2010

    Glad to hear you’re making it out to the Pacific Northwest.

    The Rogue Brewery is a lot fun. As I’m sure you’ll get the sampler, make sure the Shakespeare Stout is included – it’s a fine beer. And they actually have pretty good food at that place. But I would recommend grabbing a meal someplace in Newport. There are some seeding-looking places right on the water there, but they have some of the best seafood in the area. The stuff can’t get any fresher, with Dungeness Crab being the specialty (kind of the west coast equivalent to lobster, except not as pricey).

    Enjoy the trip!


    • Thanks Mike. Had a very good Rogue experience. Had a few sampler flights in the brewery pub, took the tour, then headed across the bay for lunch at the original brewpub. Made sure to get some Shakespeare Stout, always one of my favorites. The St Rogue Red was equally amazing as well as the Glen.

      After a long day exploring Crater Lake I’m looking forward to having some Deschutes in Bend.


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