Miscellaneous Back From Vacation News

Well, Delta did their best to prevent it, but alas I have returned from my Summer vacation to the Pacific Northwest.  I got to see volcanoes up close and personal, choke on the burnt coffee they make up there, and of course drink some really good beer that is generally tough to find around here.  On the beer front I took a trip to one of my craft beer meccas of Rogue and decided that Deschutes Brewery is one of the best the country.  All in all I tried countless beers I’ve never had before and got to visit 10 different breweries or brewpubs.  Also got to five National Parks along the way to see some of this country’s greatest natural wonders.  And hey, I actually got to see the Sox bullpen perform well in the game I saw at Safeco Field.  Great trip all in all.  I really wish the Pac-10 12 would start a hockey conference so I had an excuse to go out that way more often.


There wasn’t too much in the news regarding UMass hockey while I was gone but here are a few things.

Mike Marcou was featured in this article about local players attending the Islanders’ rookie camp.

I came across on the excellently named Fear The Fin blog news that Cory Quirk has been resigned by the Worcester Sharks in a move that will likely put up to four UMass players in teal for the team this year.  Matt Irwin, Justin Braun, and James Marcou are all also likely to be playing in the Centrum this winter.

A couple things on Twitter caught my attention tonight.  First was this article in the Providence Journal about the Dunkin’ Donuts Center looking to attract NCAA regionals and even the Hockey East Championship to the venue.  As UMass alum Rick Pitino would say, having regionals at the Dunk is a “no brainer.”  Why this hasn’t happened recently is a little puzzling given the number hockey schools in the vicinity and the fact that it used to host Frozen Fours.  The Providence area would be a good place for fans to hang out given the decent bar scene, legendary italian restaurants, and of course the equally legendary gentlemen’s clubs.

But I think the Hockey East semifinals and finals belog in Boston, despite the unfortunate fact that it puts more money into the pockets of Jeremy “Can’t Find Boston On A Map” Jacobs.  I understand attendance had been trending downward but this may only be temporary.  After all, the economy has been in horrible shape the past two years and college students and recent grads, who make up a sizable portion of the crowd that attend such events, don’t have a lot of disposable income even in good times.  Plus as much as it is to UMass’ disadvantage sometimes, Boston is the hub of Hockey East (please don’t sue me Kevin Paul Dupont).  There are two schools in the city itself, three if you count Newton’s Boston College, and three more within an hour’s drive.  The trophy may be named after Providence’s Lou Lamoriello, but I still think it should remain presented on Beantown ice.

The other piece of news found making the Twitter rounds and then confirmed by US Hockey Report is that Cody Ferriero has decommited to play at Boston College where his brother played.  He was due to arrive on Chestnut Hill this coming fall.  The USHR report also confirms something I had heard earlier in the year that Ferriero didn’t like the fact that BC had only guaranteed him a scholarship for two years, despite the fact that BC coach Jerry York does so regularly with a lot of his recruits.  What does this mean for UMass?  While I’m not sure to what extent but UMass was certainly very interested in him and recruited him prior to his commitment. Would UMass then welcome him, especially so late in the game?  I think it’s a possibility.  Of course scholarships with the current projected roster are likely maxed out, so the coaching staff would be forced to ask one of the incoming freshmen to wait a year.  As I’ve already pointed out in previous writings, Conor Sheary would probably be the most likely candidate.  Would they want a player like Ferriero?  It would be stupid not to since we’re talking about one of the best players in the prep league and a 5th round NHL draft pick.  However, just as long as he buys into the whole team first/”Navy Seal” concept that Toot talked about in the wake of last season’s disappointing end.  Is it likely then?  I have no idea, but I’ll do my best to keep an eye on where he may land.

In other recruiting news, Matt Gaudreau has chosen to commit to Northeastern.  According to USHR Gaudreau had also considered UMass and Maine but hadn’t taken visits to either school.  It probably doesn’t hurt that Matt’s brother John has also committed to the Huskies.