Media Guide; NCAA vs OHL

The student writers over at the Daily Collegian are gearing up for the imminent start to the school year with an article on this year’s hockey schedule.  An interesting stat that Nick O’Malley points out is that UMass is 4-0-1 against BU when they play in the fall portion of the season.


The athletic department released the Media Guide/Record Book this past week and I have to say it’s pretty impressive.  Like a lot of schools UMass has stopped actually publishing its media guide and instead just has it available electronically, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t put a lot of work into it.  What I noticed the most versus past editions is much more historical data on the program, from a historical timeline of UMass hockey going back to its founding in 1908 to historical rosters and stats dating back to the early 60s.  It also includes the stats for Minutemen that have played in the NHL and minors.  Overall, a great resource for UMass hockey fans in addition to the media.


The recent defections of college or college-bound players to the major juniors recently has brought recent attention to this critical issue affecting NCAA hockey.  Indeed we’ve even seen it ourselves with the loss of UMass recruits to the OHL and QMJHL like Vladimir Nikiforov, Zach Phillips, and John Carlson.  It seems like the war of words is beginning to heat up between both sides and I thought I’d share a few links for those interested.

Here’s a Canadian perspective complaining that the CHL is being discredited.  Interesting how the Bob Nicholson of Hockey Canada flat out lies and says that bashing of college hockey by the Canadian leagues isn’t happening when it’s actually occurring quite regularly and even quite recently by London Knight Coach Dale Hunter when he snatched incoming Notre Dame recruit Jarred Tinordi.  Does the name ring a bell?  Hunter, who has a reputation for stealing college bound players, also convinced John Carlson to head north.  Of course what do you expect from a guy who cheap shots guys after goals.

And then from the NCAA side are a couple a great reads from bloggers Bruce Ciskie and his Ciskie Blog on the issues at play in the potential summit of the two sides and Chris Dilks of the Western College Hockey Blog who debunks some CHL claims.  Dilks also suggests the most simple of solutions.  Once a player commits to a US college, the major junior leagues agree not to go after him.  Easy enough, but I for one doubt there’s enough honor on the other side of the border to agree to such a quick fix.



  1. Wardy

     /  August 21, 2010

    Unfortunatly college hockey has the odds incredibly stacked against them. The CHL in Canada is the equal of college football in the US and has a crap-load of money whereas college hockey is roughly equal with women’s softball and golf on the NCAA-Indianapolis’s totum pole. Plus the NHL’s new economic structure favors major juniors where NHL GM’s with established relationships (eg Caps GM George McPhee and London’s Dale Hunter an ex-Cap) can control players contact and development where they can’t in the NCAA. Anybody thinking that a “Gentleman’s Agreement” will work is filled with the same delusion that college football and hoops fans are filled with thinking that the NFL and NBA respectively will crack down on AAU street agent hustlers. The only difference between CHL recruiters in the US and AAU hoops parisites is the CHL guys don’t have to partially cover their tracks like the AAU guys do.

    NCAA hockey also has that stubborn rule about student athletes actually attending class and playing only 34 games versus major juniors playing double that. Of course you’ll have plenty of study time on that 12-hour bus ride to Prince George, Kamloops, Val D’or, and Rimmoski.


  2. Ryan

     /  August 21, 2010

    “We are the London Knights, and Jeff Jackson isn’t the greatest coach and they are Notre Dame..not like they are even that good down there.”


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