Catching Up With The ’11 Recruits; Games Available On Cable

Now that we know who will be inbound to Amherst for the upcoming semester, let’s take a look at where the future recruits will be playing this coming season.

Goaltender Kevin Boyle is in British Columbia where training camp just opened up for the Westside Warriors of the BCHL.  The Warriors are coached by none other than Darren Yopyk who was a captain for Coach Cahoon at Princeton.  Yopyk then followed Cahoon to Amherst where he was a graduate assistant for the team and received a masters and PhD from UMass.  Before Westside he was an assistant coach to Mark Dennehy at Merrimack.  The BCHL will give Boyle a great chance to play with and against a much higher level of talent than the AtlJHL. 

I’m not exactly sure where Chris Del Mauro will be playing this upcoming season, but it doesn’t appear he’ll be returning to Lincoln of the USHL.  In fact this post from Lincoln Stars blog Black and Blue says he quit hockey and returned to New Jersey.  While stranger things have happened, I’d be a little surprised if he’s truly quit hockey.  More likely he decided that moving from New Jersey to the Midwest to play in the USHL wasn’t his thing.  Maybe he’ll return to his old team the Rockets next season or maybe try to catch on with the Hitmen of the EJHL.  I’ll pass along if I find out anymore information.

Last I heard Shane Walsh, who played with the South Shore Kings last year, was trying to decide between playing locally again or playing out west, either the USHL (Tri-City owns his rights) or even the BCHL.

John Parker appears to be on track to play for the Muskegon Lumberjacks in their inaugural season in the USHL.  Parker was selected in the expansion draft at the end of last season.


Most all of this season’s home hockey games will be available on local Western Mass digital cable thanks to a partnership the school has signed with CBS 3.  The internet broadcasts will essentially be simulcast on CBS 3 Now, channel 293 on Comcast.  This is great and, while unlikely, I’d love to see this extended to the whole state.  But just remember, watching on TV is never the same as being there so make sure you get to the Mullins this season whenever possible.



  1. Adam

     /  August 25, 2010

    don’t worry. I’ll be there. but i was just looking at the roster again, now that you reminded me of it, and i was re-stunned by the incredible number of freshman on the team. I am scared that this season is going to turn into a painful, 2007 celtic-esque season. and I’ll be at the games, but i cant imagine i’ll have much mental health left at seasons end.


    • Young, but this team is talented and deep. Hopefully they improve as season goes along. I have zero expectations so I know I won’t be disappointed.


    • HB

       /  August 25, 2010

      No doubt the team is young but two are 89s and five are 90s. Eleven have already been playing in the USHL, EJ or Canadian Jr leagues for a year or (in some cases) two. The only two coming straight from high school were both first team prep all-stars. Obviously Hockey East (or Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc.) is not Juniors or Prep but “agewise” the roster is comparable to most D1 programs. That said it’s a brutal schedule for any team especially one with so many first year players.


      • Right. I meant in terms of proportion of freshman to the entire roster. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  2. The Delmauro rumor was just that…a rumor. He was a surprising no-show at the Stars tryout camp this past June, and I was approached by a couple of fans who said they heard he had moved back to NJ and quit hockey. Like you mentioned, maybe he was homesick and will play for the EJHL this season. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.


    • Yeah, didn’t mean to doubt you or your source, Yeti. I just think it’s more likely he quit the Stars versus quit the sport aaltogether.


  3. Ryan

     /  August 30, 2010

    Chris Del Mauro is listed on the NJ Rockets roster for this coming season.


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