The UMass Community Loses An Icon

I wasn’t planning on posting while in Ann Arbor due to feasibility reasons, but there are times when you find a way.

It was shocking to awake this morning to the news that UMass Marching Band Director George N. Parks passed away while en route to one of his band’s biggest performances. And when I say his band I mean HIS band. He was the embodiment of the band program and all it represented to the UMass community. And on top of that he was a mentor, an inspiration, and a friend to countless students who came through UMass’ classrooms.

People who read FTT and know me personally are aware that George and I disagreed on the need and feasibility of a hockey band. But I will always remember the graciousness and understanding he displayed during the couple times I spoke to him about it. However, the different point of view on the subject did not diminish the tremendous respect I had for him and for what he accomplished with the band, making it a huge point of pride for the university.

UMass has lost one of it’s greatest representatives and the band’s presence tomorrow at one of college football’s cathedrals is a tribute to him and all that he accomplished.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
Massachusetts, yours and mine.