A few more links

T.J. Syner was featured on Inside College Hockey’s A-Z feature. I for one am also looking with interest to what Syner is capable of this season. He really is the goto guy for scoring and I think he still has room to elevate his game.


Dick Baker has a brief recap of the team’s first scrimmage.

The Salem News has a mention of Shawn Saunders in their list of North Shore college players gearing up for the season.


The Salem News also has a mention of Alex Berry, recently traded from Toronto to the Tampa Bay organization, in their listing of local players in the pros.

Lastly I’m sorry to report that Greg Mauldin has been reassigned by the Avalanche to Lake Erie of the AHL. I know I’ve been beating the “stay in school” drum all summer, but time for a final drum solo (for now). First off, Mauldin left for the pros under very unique circumstances, mostly surrounding the fact that the collective bargaining agreement was expiring and also that he felt the need to provide for his mother in the absence of his father who had passed away earlier in his life. Still, the way his pro career has played out is probably not what he had expected. After playing a handful of games for the Blue Jackets after his last UMass season in 2004, he has played in just one other NHL game (this past season for the Isles), despite some very strong seasons in the minor league. This is unfortunately the fate of a lot of very talented, but undersized, players Did James Marcou choose this fate instead of a senior year at UMass? Time will tell. I hope not.