Recruit Comparisons

The last couple years, first on and then last year here on Fear The Triangle, I’ve done my best to compare the stats of the incoming crop of freshmen to current and past Minutemen who played in the same junior leagues.  Obviously there are a number of factors that could lead a player with similar junior numbers to have a different college career, but with how splintered the junior leagues are and how little coverage they get, I hope this at least serves as somewhat of a basis.  First up is redshirt freshman Anthony Raiola.  Though he last played in the NAHL before coming to UMass, a league the Minutemen hasn’t typically recruited from, he played Minnesota High School hockey prior to that. 

Anthony Raiola – redshirt freshman
07-08 Minnetonka (MN HS)
5G  12A  17Pts
Similar MN HS Players:
John Wessbecker 6G  16A  32Pts 

Conor Allen 
09-10 Sioux Falls (USHL)
48GP  7G  8A  15Pts +9 69PIM 

Adam Phillips 
09-10 Indiana (USHL)
47GP  1G  11A  12Pts +/-0 16PIM
Other USHL Defensemen:
Justin Braun  59GP  2G  11A  13Pts  +5  69PIM
Mike Marcou  48GP  2G  9A  11Pts -8  22PIM
Darren Rowe 52GP  7G  16A  23Pts  +16  8PIM

Troy Power 
09-10 Omaha (USHL)
57GP  28G  16A  44Pts
Other USHL Forwards:
Briane Keane 47GP  9G  6A  15Pts
James Marcou 58GP  24G  47A  71Pts
T.J. Syner 58GP  21G  14A  35Pts
Brett Watson  55GP 9G  14A  23Pts
Casey Wellman  59GP  22G  23A  45Pts
Cory Quirk  59GP  14G  26A  40Pts
Danny Hobbs  60GP  10G  11A  21Pts
Rocco Carzo 45 GP  20G  13A  33Pts
Eddie Olczyk 53GP  6G  15A  21Pts

Peter DeAngelo 
09-10 New Hampshire (EJHL)
45GP  15G  15A  30Pts 10PIM 

Pat Kiley 
09-10 New Hampshire (EJHL)
44GP  14G  38A  52Pts 83PIM
Other EJHL forwards:
Alex Berry ??GP  21G  31A  52Pts
Marc Concannon 20GP  2G  15A  17Pts
Scott Crowder  54GP  23G  30A  53Pts
Jordan Virtue  36GP  13G  30A  43Pts
Kevin Czepiel 43 GP  18G  58A  76Pts
Colin Shea 
09-10 Junior Bruins (EJHL)
44GP  6G  23A  29Pts 41PIM
Other EJHL Defensemen
Kevin Kessler  44GP  6G  15A  21Pts  81PIM
Doug Kublin  34GP  3G  17A  20Pts 81PIM
Topher Bevis  55GP  9G  20A  29Pts  44PIM
Mike Donnellan 42GP  5G  21A  26Pts 51PIM

Steven Guzzo
 09-10 Oakville (OPJHL)
56GP  29G  41A  70Pts 52PIM
Other OPJHL Forwards
Chase Langeraap  49GP  33G  46A  79PTS  73PIM
Shawn Saunders  49GP  10G  33A  43PTS  81PIM
Kevin Jarman 46GP  43G  36A  79PTS  51PIM

Mike Pereira
09-10 Avon Old Farms (NE Prep)
29GP  28G  36A  64Pts 

Conor Sheary
09-10 Cushing (NE Prep)
??GP  31G  42A  73Pts
Other Prep Forwards
Chris Davis  ??GP  17G  34A  51PTS
Will Ortiz  ??GP  38G  43A  81PTS (two seasons)

Eric Filiou
09-10 Penticton (BCHL)
45GP  12G  15A  27Pts
No similar UMass players from the BCHL for comparison.  Matt Irwin previous played in the league. 

Branden Gracel
09-10 Ft McMurray (AJHL)
58GP  38G  56A  94Pts
No similar UMass players from the AJHL for comparison.  Paul Dainton played for Ft. McMurray. 

Joel Hanley
09-10 Newmarket (CCHL)
23GP  5G  15A  20Pts
No similar UMass players for comparison.  The CCHL is an offshoot of the OPJHL, with the UMass forwards from the league listed above.  Hanley missed part of the season with a broken leg. 

Jeff Teglia
09-10 Omaha (USHL)
30-10-5 2.27GAA .921sv%
The only goaltender that played in the USHL in recent memory was Mike Waidlich. 


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