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University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds
Massachusetts Minutemen 0-0-0 (0-0-0)

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Ok, so typically in game previews I like to give a brief scouting report of the other team, how they’ve done, who to look out for, etc, and then talk about what’s been going on with the Minutemen, what adjustments they may have to make, and what the consequences of the game are in the big picture.  Obviously that’s all irrelevant in this case.  The objective of every exhibition game is to see what the team looks like and pray like hell for no injuries.  No offense to them, but I don’t care about the V-Reds.  I’m not going to be looking at them.  I’m going to be looking first and foremost at our freshmen.  What kind of game do they play?  How does that stack up against expectations?  And who plays well together on the ice?  After that I’m looking at the upperclassmen.  Who bulked up?  Who’s looking to the net more?  And who looks like a leader on the ice?

The opposing team and end result don’t matter to me.  Last year this very same V-Red team beat UMass 3-2 and the Minutemen still went out and won 9 of their first 11 games.  Hell, I remember as a student watching the UMass basketball team lose to Marathon Oil (or was it Athletes in Action, paging George Miller) and that team went to the Final Four.  This is a showcase, just show me what you’ve got and don’t get hurt.  And that goes the same for the fans.

Gameday Beer
So those that have read FTT enough know I’m a beer snob and like to combine my love of UMass hockey and love of fine beer sometimes, like with my Road Trip page.  So Gameday Beer will be a new game preview feature where I suggest a place to go grab a beer before or after the game (or both) and even which beer to try (sorry, I cannot guarantee availability).  You must be of legal drinking age to read this section, otherwise avert your eyes.  So here we go.  While the Hangar is the official pregame spot of Fear The Triangle and The Harp is the official postgame spot, the inaugural gameday beer is found at Amherst Brewing Company.  ABC has been making amazing beers since I was a student.  This past summer they had the chance to attend Sierra Nevada’s beer camp which is pretty impressive.  While they Belgian Saison they made at camp is long gone (it was quite tasty) I think it’s fitting that everyone should make their way to ABC tomorrow and celebrate the new month and the new season with an ABC Lewmeister Octoberfest. 


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