Guide To The Twin Cities

Unfortunately I will not be able to make the trip this weekend to the Twin Cities to see the Minutemen take on the Gophers (though I am happy to report that reservations for Wisconsin have been made).  I am also unable to point those UMass fans making the trip west this weekend to places to see while you’re out there as my Twin City experience was limited to sprinting across their airport this past summer.  However, Fear The Triangle is lucky to count Gregg Anderson as one of its readers.  Gregg, a St Paul native, was kind enough to offer this extensive Minuteman Fan’s (Idiosyncratic) Guide to the Twin Cities.  Whether you’re heading out to the game or not it’s worth reading.  Among topics covered are places to eat, drink, and the whole tourism thing.  He also warns that while most people you’ll encounter will be super-friendly, expect some arrogant Gopher fans.  To which I offer the advice of just uttering the words “Holy Cross” and they’ll likely be too busy weeping to be much of a bother from then on.  Anyway, thanks again to Gregg for the local’s guide to the city.  If you want to thank him yourself look for the guy with both Minnesota and UMass gear on, though he has assured me that he’ll be rooting for the Minutemen this weekend.


Looks like goaltender Kevin Moore will be hosting a video blog this season on  In his first edition of One Moore Minute we learn about Canadian geography, the top speed of a tortoise, and the phobias of Paul Dainton.  Funny stuff.


Last season I tended to get into the rhythm of using Tuesdays as a good time to do an update on how the recruits are doing.  One of the good things of the large current class of freshmen is that there are now a lot less recruits to keep track of. 

John Parker registered an assist as the Muskegon Lumberjacks lost their debut game 4-1.

Here’s an interesting article about the Lumberjacks connecting with Muskegon’s past hockey roots that includes a picture of Parker.

Meanwhile Kevin Boyle picked up his first win for the Westside Warriors.


For those who missed my tweet on the subject yesterday, Baker also mentions that Martin Nolet has been signed by the Trenton Devils of the ECHL, joining David Leaderer on the roster.


  1. Wardy

     /  October 5, 2010

    Wow, that Holy Cross game took everybody by complete suprise. NOBODY saw that one coming. 😉


  2. Adam

     /  October 6, 2010

    I’ll be huddled around my radio this weekend since this trip was a little to expensive for my $80 a week. But i simply can not wait for that puck to drop. I am happy about this year starting out this way. Frankly nobody expects a ton out of this frosh laden team against a program like Minnesota. If they split, they split. If they lose both, it sucks and the season will be off to a decidedly rocky start. But if they sweep, can you imagine the momentum? the confidence that could be cultivated in these young players? It could make for some enthralling hockey no matter how they finish. No matter what happens, its great exposure for the players and the program. Its basically a win win, especially for us the fans.

    If I have anything to say on the matter, “Becca” will be cleverly used in a cheer as a sort of alternate mascot/rallying cry. Who knows if anyone gives a crap what I say, but time will tell.

    And Congrats to Marty! I’m glad he is still doing what he loves, even if it is in NJ. And we all know that he’s got a bright future in front of him whether or not it is in hockey.


    • The games will be on tv, Fox College Sports. I would think/hope that maybe the Hangar or Toasted Owl would have that channel.


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