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No recap today since I didn’t get to watch or listen to the game. All in all I’m glad I was in Amherst watching a miraculous comeback by the basketball team. But I will share a few thoughts while I sit here tailgating before UMass takes on #1 Delaware.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that UMass could only muster 19 shots, including a ridiculous 2 in the first, with Mike Pereira out. Next to TJ Syner he’s the most important player on offense. Hopefully he’s back soon.

By all accounts Jeff Teglia had a great game. It’s easy to see why he was so highly thought of. It’ll be interesting to see the goaltending rotation from here on out.

Obviously special teams is killing this team. The penalty kill is absolutely horrid. If the team isn’t going to improve on the kill, which they haven’t, then they have to stay out of the box altogether. Not an easy proposition but there aren’t a lot of options at this point. I have no idea how a team can regularly generate so little shots on the power play. Just two shots in six power play chances last night. How does that happen?

Nice job by Gracel in the face-off circle last night going 8 for 11.

Where is Rocco Carzo? He hasn’t made himself as big a part of the offense as had hoped. Zero shots last night.

Fear The Triangle player of the game – Jeff Teglia

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  1. heavydrexler

     /  November 13, 2010

    Teglia was outstanding last night. He can be faulted on the middle goal, but the first and last looked unstoppable (and with 38 shots against, only being at fault on only one goal is pretty damn impressive). I was amazed that he got a tiny piece of the first one with his stick because he has to go post-to-post in no time. He also made at least 3 saves where I was already confident UNH had scored. The first goal was just more being on the 5 on 3 than anything else, but the third goal can really be chalked up to poor defensive positioning, again. It was two freshman defensemen on the ice and it looked like two freshmen defensemen. Also, for the first time this season, the offense looked completely inept for the first two periods and much of the third. Even in the second, the 8 shots on goal were mostly long, bad angle shots. We just couldn’t maintain possession, and the same goes for the powerplay. Out of the 6 powerplays we had, only the fifth produced any legitimate scoring chances. That being said, the Minutemen missed three goals be a collective total of about a foot in the third. One was a Czepiel shot that trickled just wide of the right post by about two inches. A rocket shot from the slot (I think it was from Gracel, not sure) ticked off the crossbar, and a point shot missed the left post by about 4 inches. Rocco Carzo also had a great chance taking the puck to the net from the halfwall, he just barely couldn’t turn the puck over from the backhand to the forehand under duress; if he did, he would have had a goal. I totally agree with Tegs being player of the game, but I think honorable mention should go to Doug Kublin. He made a fantastic defensive play in the 2nd that stopped what looked like another slam dunk goal on a 2-on-2 on the rush and his 1 SOG was one of the few legitimate scoring chances the Mass Attack had.


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