Merrimack Preview

Merrimack College Warriors 19-5-4 (13-5-3) 3rd Hockey East


Massachusetts Minutemen 6-16-5 (5-11-5) 7th Hockey East


2/5/11 Merrimack 11, UMass 2. 

Play with heart.  Play for pride.  Fight for redemption.



Beer The Triangle
I’m always pretty happy when I get some nice insider info on the state of the team or perhaps some recruiting news.  But I really love when I get some beer insider info.  So the breaking FTT beer news is that the Hangar is eyeing a couple of blue chip beers to bring into the fold soon.  First is Rogue Double Mocha Porter..  This one was already on site but not yet tapped as of last weekend.  Rogue is one of my favorite brewers and perhaps the highlight of 2010 for me was visiting their brewery on the Oregon coast.  But the real scoop is that Stoney has worked his craft beer magic and is hoping to soon to be in possession of a keg of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout.  Founders KBS is currently rated as the 4th best beer in existence by Beer Advocate.  Quite a brew coup by the Hangar.

Looking forward to a return trip to The Tap/Haverhill Brewery on Saturday.  I had a good time there a few weeks ago.  Then I mistakenly left to attend the UMass-Merrimack game.  Enough said.

For those wanting to know more about Merrimack than the spartan (which is how I hope the team plays this weekend) preview above, here’s the one I wrote a few weeks ago.  Changed since then is the fact that Merrimack embarrassed UMass, Stephane Da Costa got hurt and his status for this weekend is unknown (I’m still guessing he’s out), and Merrimack proved they can beat good teams without him.

I’m sad to share the news that that Mike Lecomte will not be rejoining the team this season, per Dick Baker.  This is awful to hear.  Not only could the team use him right now, but you never want to see a player end their UMass career from the stands.  Especially because last season he emerged as a key player on offense before going down to injury and even provided a spark when he was in uniform this season scoring two goals and picking up an assists in 6 games.  The team really could use him right now.  Thanks for all you did in the maroon and white, Mike.

Success requires intensity says the Collegian.

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  1. Mike

     /  February 18, 2011

    Here’s an interesting perspective about Costa and his future. Also says quite a bit about the state of college hockey in general. Even mentions the local town team as being a possible suitor for the young Frenchman.


  2. Fair yes, but I still support college talent staying in college. What happened to UMass last season is not cool and should not happen to others. If you make a commitment to go to a school for four years, you should try to live up to it.


  3. Gotta disagree slightly Mark, I think leaving early is something that needs to be a viable option for kids who may only have a small window for getting that big entry level contract. However, I do think that courting durring the season is deplorable. Wait untill March when the season is over. Frankly, I think having discussions with pro teams mid season should be an NCAA violation. You go into a meeting while the season is still going on, You’re out of the NCAA. No exceptions.


    • I think the teams need to be more diligent about keeping the scouts and agents away from the players. Clearly York and Parker and even Umile have found ways to do that, because their players manage to continue to play well even with the distraction of dollar signs luring them away at the end of the season. Clearly programs like UMass aren’t nearly as prepared, based on the drop-offs of Wellman and, to a lesser extent, Jimmy last year. I wonder if, even if Da Costa returns to the ice healthy before the playoffs start, Dennehy and the Merrimack program will face a similar situation. As last night showed, their offense without Da Costa drops from “great” to “pretty good” and they’re not gonna get bailed out by ridiculous calls once the playoffs start.


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