Miscellaneous Monday

I’m back from a great weekend back on campus.  I got to enjoy lacrosse dominate Delaware on Senior Night and the first Spring Game of the new era of UMass football, both proceeded by some excellent tailgating and catching up with UMass friends old and new.  It’s a little disappointing to think that probably I won’t be attending another sporting event on campus until mid-September’s football game against Rhody, however there is next month’s Pond Club Golf Outing to look forward to.

Just a few links to share today.

Goaltender Gabe Grunwald who visited UMass will be heading to Wisconsin in the fall of 2013 instead.

Maine alum Jimmy Howard and his Detroit Red Wings find themselves down 0-2 to the San Jose Sharks and Howard has found himself the target of some loud opposing fans.  But according to this story it doesn’t bother him because he had to play in tough environments in college, specifically mentioning UMass along with BU and UNH.

Recruit Shane Walsh is quoted in this New England Hockey Journal piece on how New England players are helping Dubuque succeed in the USHL.

Obviously everyone’s thoughts today are on the fact that Osama Bin Laden was finally made to pay for the evil he unleashed on the United States almost ten years ago.  Many were lost on 9/11 and the UMass community was not spared by the tragedy, losing a number of alumni and staff.  So a big Fear The Triangle stick tap and hearty thanks to Navy SEAL Team 6 and all those who have served our country and done their part to gain justice for those victims.