Monday Links

There’s still not a lot news for UMass hockey at this point in the summer, however players started rolling into Amherst this past weekend so hopefully we’ll start seeing more coming out of the team soon.  In the meantime, here’s some relevant news from around the web.

First off, it appears that Joe Manno, who decommitted from UMass in the past month or so, is now committed to go to Northeastern according to his Twitter account.  Don’t get too excited yet Husky fans, as he’s still planning on attending training camp for the Sea Dogs of the QMJHL.  Remember when committed actually meant, well, committed?

Matty V of the Gazette says that the goaltender position will be key for the hockey team this season.  Yep, can’t argue with that.

Mike McMahon of the Eagle Tribune asks if outdoor games have jumped the shark.  I agree that with each one that takes place the uniqueness of an outdoor hockey game lessens.  He also asks what happens when someone puts together an outdoor college game and no one shows up.  Well, Mike, it already happened.  However, while these games will likely begin to fade at some point when the novelty wears off, as a fan of a team who will hopefully play in one of these games this season, I’m psyched.  It’s a pretty big deal every year when the UMass baseball team is given a chance to play on the hallowed grounds of Fenway.  To have the hockey team do the same will be another great memory of mine in following the program.  Now if they could just make it official.

There are no specific UMass mentions (other than as a Five College) but this article on the New England prep league from the New England Hockey Journal is an interesting read.