Up To The Minute 5/26

I just wanted to pass along a few links before disappearing for the holiday weekend.

ESPN Boston had this short story on 2013 recruit Mike Iovanna where he states that “UMass fits me”.

One other note on the recruiting front.  Chris Heisenberg’s site has changed Kenny Gillespie from arriving at UMass this fall to coming in 2013.  This is something I speculated on previously since Gillespie had a tough time cracking the top two lines on his USHL team.  If this information is correct I think it’ll benefit everyone.

The Stanley Cup Finals are set and former Minuteman Jon Quick will be facing the New Jersey Devils and Marty Brodeur starting on Wednesday.

The Republican mentioned Quick and Western Mass native Dean Lombardi, LA’s GM, in a recent story.

Hockey East is hiring a full time Officiating Coordinator.  No word if a vision test is part of the qualification process.


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  1. Colin Thompson

     /  May 31, 2012

    My opinion is there are 2 very good Referees in Hockey East Jeff Bunyon and Tim Benedetto. My opinion is there are 2 very good Linesmen in Hockey East Chris Aughe and Bob Bernard. They did the 2011 Michigan vs. Minnesota-Duluth National Championship Game. The rest and all the other Referees are average at best. The rest and all the other Linesmen are average at best.


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