Gallery: Minuteman Jonathan Quick

With it being the eve of the Stanley Cup finals between the L.A. Kings and New Jersey Devils and Jon Quick about to become the first former UMass player to compete for the world’s greatest trophy, I thought I’d post a tribute to him.  It has been five years since Quick wore the maroon and white, leading the Minutemen to their first (and unfortunately only) NCAA appearance and victory.  Since that time UMass fans have followed Quick’s journey from Amherst to the ECHL, AHL, and eventually the Staples Center.  Many UMass fans have jumped on the Kings bandwagon throughout the playoffs, hoping to see a former Minuteman’s name etched upon the cup.  But, despite only being at UMass a short time, Quickie will always be a Minuteman.  Thanks to Karen Winger Photography, let’s remember back to the days before he traded maroon for purple and black.

Good Luck, Quickie!  Bring home the Cup!

Coach Toot Cahoon has been quoted in a couple different mainstream media features on Quick.  First was this piece from earlier in the month covering Quick’s evolution from freshman at UMass to Conn Smythe candidate which has a lot from Cahoon.  And then this is an interesting story from the Orange County Register featuring quotes from Cahoon and even acknowledging that UMass fans knew him as Jon, not Jonathan.

Watching Quick excel in the NHL and now the playoffs has been great for UMass fans.  It’s always enjoyable to see an alumni, athlete or not, move on from Amherst and enjoy success.  Secondly, Quick, despite his short stay, is a big part of UMass hockey history and I’m happy for him and his family to see him do well.  Thirdly, the local hockey team didn’t get too far this year so at least I can have some rooting interesting in the playoffs.  But lastly, the better Quick does, the more he and his background get mentioned on TV, it’ll only help the UMass program.  Fans of UMass hockey are always beating their head against a wall asking how can can this program, with too little success and without a well-publicized tradition, compete with the BCs, BUs, and UNHs of the world?  Well having the University of Massachusetts name attached to a player seen as one of the elite at his position worldwide is certainly one step towards that goal.

Puck Daddy gives Quick the edge over future Hall of Famer Marty Brodeur for the series.  (If you’re a hockey fan and don’t read Puck Daddy on a daily basis, you really should be)

Of course Quick met the press on Media Day with his hoodie up.