Up To The Minute 6/9

Jon Quick and the LA Kings will try again to clinch the Cup tonight in New Jersey.  The Kings have done pretty well in Game 5s so far during the playoffs.

Down in the AHL Mike Kostka and his Norfolk Admirals are on the verge of clinching a championship as well, thanks to Kostka scoring one of the most improbable goals you’ll ever see:

Of course the AHL has come out and acknowledged that the goal should not have counted since Admiral players were offside when the puck entered the zone.  Game 4 is this afternoon at 3pm and will be televised on CBS Sports Network.

I’ve updated the schedule page as Lowell has released theirs.  One of the games UMass will host against Lowell will be held on Sunday, November 18th at 7pm.  Uh, this sucks.  First of all, for those of us who travel from Eastern Mass to go to games heading back on the Pike late Sunday night isn’t fun.  Secondly, games going up the NFL isn’t great either (though at least the Patriots play at 1pm that day and the Hangar has a lot of TVs).  I’m guessing this game is on Sunday rather than Saturday because the school is trying to avoid having a hockey game in Amherst on the same day football is playing in Foxboro, which is what would happen if the game was played the prior day.  I do appreciate this as I have season tickets to both sports.  Hopefully the Sunday games can be kept to a minimum however.

I’ve heard the UMass schedule is finished but is still waiting to be released.  Should be soon.  I’m also hearing some very interesting news about high profile teams coming into the Mullins Center in future years.  I’ll pass along the info when I’m able to confirm.

Justin Milo is suing Vermont for getting kicked off the team in 2010.

Last ditch effort for Alabama-Huntsville to find a place at the conference table?