Cavanaugh To Interview At UMass

Sources have indicated to FTT that Boston College Associated Head Coach Mike Cavanaugh has landed an interview for the UMass head coaching vacancy.  It’s unknown when that interview will take place.  Cavanaugh, Jerry York’s top assistant for years,  of course has been rumored in nearly every coaching opening in the Northeast in recent years and was a finalist for both the Providence and Northeastern jobs last offseason.  Prior to that he interviewed for the positions at both Ohio State and Brown. For whatever reason however Cavanaugh hasn’t been able to secure any of the positions he has pursued.  We’ll see if his luck changes with UMass.  Though Cavanaugh has been at the Heights for a long time, his early career there did not overlap with the time when UMass AD John McCutcheon was an assistant AD there.

Dick Baker of the Republican checks in with his thoughts about Toot Cahoon stepping down and in his view that it’s not a good thing for UMass.  He also mentions that the school will be losing recruits as a result.  I did reach out to Baker for clarification and he said that he’s speculating that UMass will lose recruits (something I believe also) but he doesn’t have any specific information as of yet.  I’ve tried to confirm the status of some of the recruits but haven’t had any luck.  Everyone is still listed on the Heisenberg site, that’s all I have to go on at this point.  Prior to last week’s events I did hear that Zach Doerring, whom I wrote about in March, was due to visit campus this weekend.  I have no idea what the status of that visit is now.  I would guess it would be on hold at this time but with Len Quesnelle still on staff, maybe he will be getting to Amherst anyway.  Doerring was being recruited by Northeastern so it’s likely he’ll be coming out this way regardless.

Jim Montgomery has been rumored to be a potential candidate for the head coaching job.  His Dubuque Fighting Saints had three players taken in the first round of the NHL Draft last night.