Tegeler Leaves UMass

News came out of British Columbia today that sophomore Andrew Tegeler has left the UMass hockey team and signed on to play with the Vernon Vipers of the BCHL.  Not surprisingly, the article says that Tegeler is moving on from the Minutemen in search of regular playing time.  Tegeler leaves UMass scoring a goal, coming in a loss at Boston College last year, in six total games.  He’d only played in one game this season.

I’m disappointed to see him leave.  Certainly his size and skating ability were two key components of what seemed like a pretty good overall skill set.  He did very well in the EJHL and I thought he would turn into a productive member of the Minutemen.  Unfortunately that did not turn out to be the case.  I heard he was a hard worker in practice and I personally thought he played OK when he dressed for games, but that happened very infrequently under both Toot Cahoon and John Micheletto.  In the end I don’t blame him at all for moving on to somewhere he can spend more time on the ice.  I certainly wish him luck in his hockey career from here on and will be rooting for him to find success wherever that is.

Boston University lost a player as well this week in the form of Yasin Cisse.

The Red Sox are planning another Frozen Fenway event for 2014.  Hopefully this will give the remaining Hockey East teams who haven’t participated in a game there yet, Providence, Merrimack, and Lowell, an opportunity to do so.



  1. Will this hurt UMass in the coming year because we lose a scholarship for a player leaving during the academic year?


    • It will hurt them to have a player not carry through to graduation in their APR calculation but I don’t remember their most recent score being much of a concern. And this will free up a scholarship or partial scholarship for next season, when we seem to have more players coming in than graduating.


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