FTT Postponed Due to Snow

OK, here’s the deal.  This never ending winter is hindering my ability to keep up with things here at Fear The Triangle.  The 3 plus feet of snow we’ve gotten here on the south shore has kept me busy shoveling and raking during my evenings after work.  In addition I’ve been spending a lot of time, with mixed success, try to address the many leaks the snow has caused in my house.  And to top it off it’s now taking me upwards of 3 hours to commute my 40 miles round trip to work every day.  With a blizzard watch now in effect for Sunday and another potential storm coming late next week, it looks like the current situation will continue for the foreseeable future.  Unfortunately the current situation is leaving me no time to put into writing about UMass hockey.  It’s also starting to interfere with me travelling to watch UMass hockey too.  I just find myself running out of time.