Up To The Minute: Quick Thoughts and Links Post-Lowell Weekend

Fear The Triangle is still on a severely reduced schedule due to the snow issues in the area and the time I’ve had to put in to keep up with them (we get a reprieve tomorrow, only 3 to 6 inches forecasted).  But I wanted to write up a quick post with the free time I found tonight just looking at where things stand and pass along some links.

I’m not going to do a full recap of the past weekend since I don’t have enough time, plus I wasn’t able to attend either game.  Two very different games with varying degrees of disappointment for UMass fans.  Friday’s game seemed like a continuation of the success against Lowell we saw in the previous weekend.  The River Hawks took the 1-0 lead in the first but a couple second period goals by Brandon Montour and Shane Walsh gave UMass the 2-1 lead going into the third period.  They extended the lead to 3-1 when Steven Iacobellis scored a shorthanded goal with 14 minutes to go.

But Lowell would answer with a shorthanded goal of their own just under nine minutes to go.  They’d eventually tie the game with 2:15 left in the game and the teams would go scoreless from then through overtime.  Another third period lead lost by the Minutemen.  With a chance to regain the Alumni Cup they just couldn’t close the deal.  The good news is they were able to hang on for the tie.  Unfortunately Friday’s game was a non-conference game so that tie did not translate to a point towards the Hockey East standings.  Really unfortunate is that the next night in Lowell did count towards the standings.

UMass was never in Saturday’s game.  Lowell took the 1-0 lead five minutes in.  By the end of the first they were up 5-0.  By the end of the game Lowell had the 7-1 win.  This was the first blowout loss in the second half of the season for the Minutemen.  From the the sounds of it they just never seemed focused on the game.  How that could be at this point of the season, I really have no idea.  But in one game it seemed like they undid a lot of the good progress they had made in the last couple months.

Fear The Triangle Player of the Game (Friday) – Steven Iacobellis
Iacobellis missed the previous weekend due to injury but his shorthanded goal to put the team up 3-1 in the third was really big.  He also had 3 blocked shots on the night, tied for the team lead with Oleg Yevenko. And he finished the night a +2.

Fear The Triangle Player of the Game (Saturday) – Dominic Trento
Trento continues to make solid contributions to the team in the second half.  In this case his goal helped avoid the embarrassment of a 7-0 shutout.

The weekend of a non-conference tie and conference loss did not help UMass at all in the league standings.  It will be very tough for the Minutemen not to finish the regular season in last place.  They are 3 points behind Merrimack and 4 points behind New Hampshire going into these final two weekends.  However, both of those teams are playing four games while UMass only has three left.  The good news is that UMass holds the tiebreaker against Merrimack.  The other thing UMass has in its favor is that Merrimack got stuck having to finish the season with four straight road games, two at Vermont and two at UNH.  Still, UMass will need at least a win and a tie though preferably would need to win at least two of the last three to have a chance to finish out of 12th place.

Here’s the Collegian’s recap of Friday’s game, a closer look at the missed opportunities in that game, and the game story from Saturday’s six goal loss.

Masslive/The Republican had this article on Agawam native and current Cushing Academy defenseman Brian Scoville committing to to UMass for 2018.  He goes into the decision making process for him and how the prospect of playing close to home was a big factor.

The athletic department put out their most recent UMass hockey in the pros update.

I’ll continue to post when I have the time and energy to.  But I don’t think I’ll be back on my usual schedule of posting four to five days a week anytime soon.  I will definitely find a way to put together this week’s senior night post though so look for that Wednesday or Thursday.

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