View From Section U: Thank You Seniors!

This is always a post I’ve looked forward to each and every year Fear The Triangle has been in existence.  I love to take the opportunity to recognize the men who have represented Massachusetts hockey on the ice for the last four or more years.  But it’s a bittersweet post too.  These guys usually show up on my radar years before they ever get to Amherst.  I post about their commitment and then report on their progress and stats in preps or juniors before their UMass careers begin in places like Waxham, Fargo, and Meriden.  I’m there to see when they first pull on the maroon sweater.  Season after season I report on their game winning goals, unexpected shutouts, injuries, big wins, painful losses, and career highlights.  I learn to pronounce and spell their names (in the case of this current class, my “Z” key gets a workout) as second nature.  Though my interaction with them directly is usually very minimal, a lot of times I get to know their families and learn more about these players and the sacrifices they and their parents have made to support them in their dream to play DI hockey.  And then, as quickly as you can say “Wait, he’s a senior already?”, it’s all over and it’s time to say goodbye to another class.

2015 Seniors

photo courtesy of Thom Kendall/UMass Athletics