Up To The Minute ▲ Additional Carvel Coverage

Here is some additional coverage of Greg Carvel being named Massachusetts head coach since my last post.

Matt Vautour from the Daily Hampshire Gazette had a host of articles surrounding Carvel’s hiring:

New Coach Greg Carvel, UMass Players Eager To Work Together

NHL Experience Has Helped Shape Greg Carvel’s Coaching Style

Greg Carvel Ready To Take On UMass Hockey’s Rebuilding Task

In the same theme, Dan Malone has this article talking about how Carvel has his sights set on progress, not unrealistic expectations.

And as a guest on this podcast with Scott McLaughlin of WEEI Carvel again reiterates that fans shouldn’t expect a quick turnaround.  There are a lot of other interesting topics covered in that podcast, such as Carvel’s thoughts on possession stats.  The podcast also includes College Hockey News’ editor Adam Wodon’s thoughts on the hire.

So obviously Carvel is warning UMass fans not to expect a Bazin-like catapult to the top of the Hockey East standings in the first year or two.  I think this is normal.  At the same time I think once he gets to know the team he’s inheriting better, he’ll be happy with what he sees.  This team was more talented than its record.  We know that a lot of the underachievement was due to coaching.  I’m not sure how many wins the team would’ve had with better direction, but I’m fairly confident there would’ve been more.

Carvel was the guest of Billy Jaffee on NESN’s Bruins Pregame show last week:

Mike McMahon reported that Carvel may be considering Western Michigan’s Ben Barr for an assistant coach position.  This would be a coup for UMass.  Barr is thought of so highly by some that many thought he would be a contender for the head coach opening at UMass.  Barr teaming with Carvel and Jared DeMichiel, who is expected to come to Amherst from St Lawrence, would give UMass a very well-respected staff.

Frank Vatrano won the AHL Rookie of the Month for March.

Of course Vatrano is currently up in Boston where NESN says he’s found his consistency.

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  1. Rex

     /  April 6, 2016

    Would you look at that, Carvel out meeting with former players. Talking about meeting with the community. Meeting alumni and pond club. Talk about refreshing.

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