Recruit Update

It appears that it may be challenging to follow new recruit Kenny Gillespie as closely as I would like as the only source for stats seems to be on the Shattuck-St Mary’s site which isn’t updated regularly.  It does appear Gillespie added at least another goal to his total since last week.

It’s a few years old, but ESPN The Magazine wrote this interesting article about SMS hockey.

Kevin Boyle went 2-1-0 in the last week for his Westside Warriors, allowing 10 goals on 84 shots.

Shane Walsh may or may not have scored for the Dubuque Fighting Saints over this weekend.  This article has Walsh scoring his first goal since being traded from Tri-City earlier.  But the stats on the official USHL site have him down for an assist.

John Parker had an assist over the weekend.


With the holidays upon us and family taking center stage in our life for the next week or two, do yourself a favor and read this powerful and emotional article on Toronto GM Brian Burke and his son Brendan who was with Miami’s hockey team.