Hobbs Article

The New York Rangers featured an excellent article on co-captain Danny Hobbs this past week.  Their title of “Hobbs’ hard work paid off big in 2010-11” says it all.  As I said when it was time to hand out award for this past year, Hobbs would’ve definitely received my most improved player award if there was such a thing.  For two years he gave us short glimpses into the player he could be, this past year he gave us a full season’s worth of everything he is.  It doesn’t surprise me that that the Rangers have stood up and taken notice.  If he can build off last season where he became one of the most important players on the UMass team the Rangers will certainly be very interested in him come the end of the season.  He’ll also play a very key role in seeing where what UMass can achieve this coming season.  Good to see he’s accumulating some kudos after this past season.  He earned them.

Not too much else going on UMass hockey-wise.  Tomorrow is the Pond Club Golf Outing.  I do plan to be there for the non-golf portion and will be sure to pass along any news or tidbits passed along to me.