Hockey Band Follow-up; Mauldin Re-signs.

Thanks to everyone who has co-signed my letter to Timothy Anderson in support of a band for the UMass hockey program.  As of this writing 21 fellow hockey fans have co-signed.  Dick Baker also addresses the subject in his most recent blog post on Masslive.

I’m happy to report that I received a positive response from Dr. Anderson to the letter/post.  He said that he recognizes the difference a band can have on the college hockey atmosphere and stated that the prospect of one at UMass will be looked at in the future.  No doubt his main focus at this time is just to make a smooth transition for the program as a whole, so I would not expect the idea of a band to be explored until after this coming season.  Still, I’m glad that with my post and the many who showed their support for it we’ve been able to bring the topic to his attention and that he’s willing to have an open mind to the idea.

Glad to see that the Colorado Avalanche have re-signed Greg Mauldin to a one year deal.   Mauldin had five goals and five assists in 29 games with the Avs and became a fan favorite in his short time up with the big club.

Correcting something I had reported earlier, it appears that T.J. Syner unfortunately will not be attending Washington’s prospect camp.

It appears that the rumored “super” conference in the West will become a reality.  Here is a good overview from College Hockey News.  Still waiting to see if Notre Dame heads east or west.