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Sorry for the lateness of tonight’s post but I was busy watching Justin Braun score his first ever NHL goal for the Sharks in a game dominated by the storyline of Dany Heatley returning to Ottawa.  I believe Braun finished +2 for the game.  I’m not surprised at all by how solid Braun looks so far with the big club.  I can’t think of any other player I saw come through the Mullins Center that looked more NHL ready than Justin Braun.  No one.

Finally had a chance to listen to Tuesday’s radio show while driving into work today.  Prompted by a listener’s question Coach Cahoon had some information on next year’s schedule.  Yale will be returning the game from last year.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving series with Quinnipiac will be extended a bit longer with the Minutemen heading to Hamden next year.  UMass will be returning to the Everblades College Classic in Estero, FL next year with traditional hosts Maine, Cornell, plus a western team to be named later.  Last time UMass played in the tournament in 2002 they lost the championship to Maine 8-3.  Cahoon said he is still working on the other two games, saying he’d like to get a Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Ohio State into the Mullins.  Obviously this means that the Gophers and Badgers did not make a definitive agreement to make a return trip for the two games each that UMass is playing out there this season, which is disappointing.  Cahoon mentioned UConn as a possible opponent depending how successful he is at getting top tier western teams scheduled.


Mike Donnellan makes the case for his own Food Network show in the most recent edition of One Moore Minute.  I’m impressed by the cooking, I’m really impressed by how nice the kitchen looks.  When I was a college student my kitchen usually only looked like that on move in day.  I think Kevin Moore must have travelled back in time to the 1970’s and jumped a game show host for their sport jacket.  Did Strength Coach Chris Boyko leave UMass?  He’ll be missed  if that’s the case.


The Daily Collegian correctly pegs penalty killing and goaltending as the main factors for the Minutemen’s recent success.

They also preview the game against Lowell.  Lowell lost 3-0 at home to the UNH Wildcats tonight.

USCHO also keys in on the improved special teams as helping the Minutemen gain their first wins of the season.



  1. Jason W

     /  December 3, 2010

    Went to the Lowell/UNH game last night. (3rd lowell game i’ve been to this year… free tickets and a night out drinking is always fun) I will say this… If we dont beat the tar out of them I will be disappointed. Neither team played good last night.

    Lowell plays dump and chase and line change constantly. They play “prevent” defense all game long. They dont pass well. They dont crash the net. They look to stay in their system and not try to pressure offensively since they get caught in odd man rushes when they do pinch and move the D up.

    Carr is a decent goalie and makes some nice saves, but is susceptible to weak goals and leaves some nice rebounds. Defensively, even though they dont take chances, they dont do a good covering forwards. We just need to keep moving our feet and we will have a chance to be open.

    Power play… well… they didnt get too many chances last night since Gravallese and Obrien didnt want to blow the whistle… must have had to go to work today… PP is weak. Passing is terrible. Players dont move. UNH kept attacking when they were on the PK, so the key is to make sure our D isnt flat footed on the PK.

    Penalty Kill- First penalty played a box and defended it well. Next PK they played an umbrella and played it poorly. Luckily for them UNH didnt convert, but 2 guys were open at the net, one at each post for almost the entire PK.

    Tomorrow is a great opportunity to pick up 2pts and separate us from the bottom. Looking forward to being there and bringing home a win.


    • Jason, thanks for the first hand observations on Lowell. Tomorrow is really huge because it’ll be tough to get points the next weekend in Maine and Lowell appears to be a team UMass could potentially be battling with for a playoff spot.


  2. Puck Pagan

     /  December 3, 2010

    Boyks did leave UMass he is now the strength and conditioning coach at Amherst College.


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