Filiou Takes the Ice, Non-Triangle Jerseys, Two if by TV

It’s official, hockey is being played somewhere on the continent.  The Penticton Vees started their training camp and will have their first exhibition on Friday.  Eric Filiou was traded to the Vees from Nanaimo in the off-season and decided to therefore delay his arrival to Amherst by a year.  Filiou is mentioned in this blog about the beginning of training camp.  There’s also a lot of positive talk about Luke Curadi who was at one time committed to come to Amherst before changing his mind.

So the Hockey News is in the middle of ranking college jerseys and unfortunately UMass finds itself in the basement of Hockey East (I’ll take that finish now instead of March).  Basically I guess their argument is that there isn’t too much going on besides the logo and colors.  Something can be said about simplicity, but fair enough.  However is it too much to ask that they judge UMass’ current jerseys?  The ones they’re showing are the old Nikes.  Perhaps the sweater could be spiced up with a couple triangles on the shoulders.  Oh well, I’m still angrier about not finishing first in this jersey ranking.  We wuz robbed! 

I don’t have a problem with Providence winning, I like the skating Friar, but I’m guessing they haven’t seen the awful silver helmets PC added last year.  And I probably would’ve flip-flopped Maine and BU.  Also, am I the only one that finds the new Merrimack sweaters completely horrid?

The new ESPN commercial featuring Sam the Minuteman is out.  Gotta love the Old North Church spoof.