UMass Sports Underway; Blog Stuff

Hockey must not be too far away as athletes donning the maroon and white have taken to the field in battle.  Unfortunately that team, women’s soccer, lost to Holy Cross 2-0 spoiling the head coaching debut of UMass alum Angela Napoli.  Still nice to know we’ve entered the athletic season.  The real fun begins next week when football travels to Big 12 country to take on Kansas State.


In the upcoming weeks I’ll be working on team by team previews of Hockey East as well as an extensive look at the 09-10 Minutemen.  But since I can’t do so until the school releases an updated roster I’ve been trying to enhance the blog with some other features in the meantime.  I’ve done a little work on the recruit pages up above and added the news releases of when a recruit committed where I could find them.  When the season starts the 2009 Recruit page will move to the archives and I’ll split out the 2010 recruits to their own page.  I plan to create a similar type page with links to alumni updates and stats in the pros shortly.